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What's VAG? All You Need to Know

VAG is the acronym for the ‘Volkswagen & Audi Group’ and is the umbrella company to a expansive portfolio of automotive brands. Originally fuelled by VW’s ambitious masterplan to become the world’s largest car manufacturer. Something it achieved in 2016, when the Wolfsburg-headquartered automaker was officially recognised as just that. 

In terms of Volkswagen acquiring its brand collective, you have to travel all the way back to 1965 to acknowledge when the initial footprints of global automotive domination were first laid out. It was in that year that VW snapped up Audi from Daimler-Benz. And from this point it hasn’t looked back, as Volkswagen has set about incrementally growing its business model year-on-year. 

One of the founding fathers of VAG’s never-ending success story was Ferdinand Piech. A name familiar to any Porsche fans, and who joined Audi from the Stuttgart-based supercar maker in 1972. He later went on to become Volkswagen Group chairman in 1993, and with it ushered in an era of ground-breaking change. 

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Piech is widely regarded as having been instrumental in the acquisition of its brand portfolio from the outset, which shocked a watching world when that itinerary included purchasing Bentley and Bugatti. Which helped transform VAG into the global powerhouse it is in 2022. 

Today, VW’s overarching responsibilities include an impressive selection of manufacturers. Boasting some of the world’s most popular makes and models, together with desirable halo brands which sees the parent company cover pretty much all vehicular angles. 

Latterly, Volkswagen has entered the chinese car market, launching its first dedicated sub-brand, Jetta. A name synonymous to its European customers of old as a stand-alone VW make, yet now reinvented as a sole manufactured entity in the guise of SUV’s at this juncture.  

Which again, serves to underline VAG’s continued vision for the future. Augmented still further by the entire brand portfolio’s venturing into the exciting world of EVs. Spearheaded by the forward-thinking and progressive VW ID range. 

Volkswagen Audi Group Brands.
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