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Technically, Lamborghini is owned by Audi. But as you’re by now already aware, Audi falls under the auspices of VW. Therefore, Lamborghini is indirectly another of the Volkswagen family.


As is also common knowledge, is the fact that Lamborghini is responsible for creating some of the most eye-opening supercars the world’s ever witnessed.


Including the seminal Countach, and the latter day Huracan STO. Supercars which have adorned many teenagers' bedroom wall spaces, as well as the odd adult.

Like many of the VAG brands, Lamborghini had experienced a colourful past, pre-takeover. Lamborghini had seen a change of ownership personnel three times, and encountered bankruptcy filing since its inception in 1973.


Some receivers, Chrysler, and Malaysian and Indonesian investment firms later, and VW bagged itself Lamborghini for a sum rumoured to be in the region of £100 million in 1998.


The very same year Volkswagen added Bugatti to its burgeoning portfolio. Subsequently rolling the Lamborghini brand into its Audi division.


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