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Apple CarPlay Activation

Technology steers our lives today like never before, and is found at our fingertips at every turn.


And when our screen time is not resting in the palms of our hands (or laps), then it can usually be observed directly behind our vehicle’s steering wheels.

One of the most multi-faceted and wholly interactive pieces of tech we have in today's car is undoubtedly Apple CarPlay.

Should you need to enable activation of the Apple CarPlay facility in your VW Audi Group vehicle then our in-house specialists can provide solutions.

Our services includes the fitting of Apple-compatible USB sockets and VCDS coding.

If your head unit has component protection activated, this can also be by-passed by the facilitation of official ODIS online protocols, via official VW servers.

We offer this invaluable service for just £350 (inc. VAT)

To discover more - and arrange an appointment - then get in touch with us today.

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