Green Screen Activation

Technology directs/steers our lives today like never before, and is found at our fingertips and at every turn.


When our screen time is not resting in the palms of our hands or laps, then it can usually be observed behind our vehicle’s steering wheels.

The majority of contemporary Volkswagen AG vehicles host technically far-reaching green menus, which effectively give you instant access to lots of interesting settings, features and diagnostic data.


Within the in-built tech structure of this advanced in-car hard and software, you can personalise lots of user interface details and enable some optional features.

However, issues can arise. And 'gremlins' can wreak havoc.

Help is at hand though, as our expert team of techs are well versed in rectifying any green screen activation problems which our customers might encounter.

To discover more - and arrange an appointment to have your green screen activation looked at - then get in touch with us today.