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Car AC

Air-con Re-gas | Repairs

Admittedly, not the biggest problem during the autumn and winter months, yet once the temperatures rise, you’ll have nowhere to hide if your air-con is suffering problems.


Help is close to hand though, with WCC’s air-con reconditioning service.


Our air-con re-gassing service facility enables the timely removal of old refrigerant gas from your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and replacing it with new refrigerant. Essentially supporting the ready circulation of cold air once more.


If you’re not entirely sure that your car needs the air-con re-gassing, the tell-tale signs are fairly obvious. The temperature the system blows out isn’t overly cool any more. Plus, it might not feel that different when the A/C is switched off.


As a general heads up, if you don't recall when the air-con was last re-gassed, then it’s worth doing.

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