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The 3rd oldest car manufacturer in the world actually started life as a bike maker. Czech founders, Messrs Laurin and Klement originally bought and sold pedal bikes.


Skoda has come a long way from those early days. Not least in 2000, when VW took more than an active interest in the company as was.  

The Volkswagen & Audi Group also bought into Skoda’s impressive rally heritage too, while targeting the more economy-driven car buyers; both via its hallmark products and its creative advertising campaigns in those formative VAG years.


In 2022 Skoda - while not revolutionizing the wheel as such - is continually making its wheels appealing to a very broad church of car-buyers across the globe. Enveloping everything from city cars up to large SUV crossovers.


Great reviews from our services

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I am very pleased with the service. Scott listened carefully and was very friendly. I felt valued as a customer and all my car problems were resolved for a reasonable price.
If you have a problem with your car, I can recommend them as professionals who know what they are doing.
Next time I will know where to go with a fault in my VW :)


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