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Spring Budget-Busting 25% Savings On Servicing Over VW Audi Main Dealers

One of the most eagerly-anticipated Spring Budgets in modern times was ratified and delivered yesterday, amid a societal backdrop of unprecedented rises in the cost of living. Which has seen our utilities bills soar, and our food shopping budgets stretched to breaking point.

What’s more, this involuntary belt-tightening has led to an increasing number of car owners delay booking their vehicles in for repairs and servicing simply because financially-pinched motorists have to redirect funds elsewhere.

We Offer Savings Of 25% Over VW Audi Main Dealers

However, whilst the ink on the literary contents of the famous red briefcase is still drying, WCC Neston is pleased to announce that unlike pretty much everyone else’s, our prices for vehicle servicing HAVEN'T escalated.

And to remind all our customers that percentage-wise, we’re still streets ahead of our nearest Volkswagen Audi Group main dealer rivals on quotes.

To place an appealing figure on it, WCC Neston is a whopping 25% cheaper on average when it comes to one of our primary servicing provisions across the full spectrum of Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles.

Namely the fitting of replacement timing belt kits and water pumps.

WCC Offer Cost Of Living Crisis-Beating Prices On Timing Belts And Water Pumps

But it’s not just the hugely popular fitting of timing belt kits and water pumps where we provide peerless savings to our customers, as when you compare us to main dealer alternatives you’ll quickly discover that we don't so much price match, as price beat.

And by significant margins.

So much so, that it's not unheard of for our customer service team to repeat the figures we’ve just quoted customers. Because the seismic gulf between our prices and franchises sounds too good to be true.

And that’s before we remind customers that we only ever use genuine VAG parts.

Not to mention how we ALWAYS update the vehicle’s online servicing records once the work has been completed.

Why Can WCC Offer 25% Savings On Servicing Over VW Audi Main Dealers?

One of the predominant reasons is that our labour charges are more competitively priced than that of the main franchised VW Audi Group dealers. Always have been, and will continue to be. As this remains at the cornerstone of our business.

Savings of which are passed on directly to you, our customers.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today to provide you a quote for any servicing or repair works you need carrying out on your vehicle.

At A Glance: What The Spring Budget Means For Motorists

Elsewhere, and there’s mixed news for drivers as a result of the Spring Budget announcement.

While fuel duty will remain frozen for another 12 months (maintaining the government’s current 5p per litre reduction), conversely the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt confirmed a hike in road tax.

Mirroring inflation, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) will increase from the current £165 to £180 from the 1st of April.

Meanwhile in more encouraging news, £200 million funding has been set aside by the government to address the state of UK roads.

Specifically targeting the proliferation of potholes, this treasure chest will be made available to local authorities in the coming weeks for resurfacing and repair works to reverse the alarming slide in the state of our roads.

Which will come as very welcome news to drivers whose vehicles have been adversely affected by pothole episodes over the autumn and winter as driving surfaces have visibly and physically deteriorated.

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