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Apple CarPlay Activation: We’re Here To Help

Britpop pioneers, Blur once mused that modern life is rubbish.

That sweepingly broad generalisation might be a little unfair. And while certain aspects of life could, arguably, be consigned to the waste bin, life is nothing if not hectic. Never better illustrated than when we're on the move. Which as a species, we constantly are in 2023.

Google maps, Spotify, Apple Music, your phone book, audio books, podcasts, WhatsApp.

You name it, and it turns out we all need it instantly to hand.

So as to check in/on/at everything that serves to distract our everyday. Courtesy of that collection of little squared-off apps that live on the home screens of our smartphones and which are seemingly invaluable to our very existence.

According to the unofficial guide to modern life, these are all the things we instantly reach for when we’re on the go. And let’s face it. When doesn’t the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rapid pace of our lives mean we’re not always on the go 24/7.

Our Busy Car Lives

But a lot of that 24/7 time is spent behind the wheel of our vehicles.

At least, the bits when we’re not eating, sleeping, raving and/or rewinding.

So, what we really needed was for someone to come along and devise a way to sync these all-important apps to our interactive dashboard displays in our cars. Or infotainment set-ups, to coin another much-bandied about modernism.

Now, whilst this sounds like a gig for the late, great Steve Jobs, in the event it was someone else at Apple who stepped up to the table and invented the CarPlay sharing system. More of which in two ticks.

So All’s Fair In Love And War

Not really, no.

Thing is, it’s not always straightforward to sync our phones to our cars. Especially not when we purchase a used vehicle.

But before we plot the sat nav coordinates for Geeksville, let’s remind ourselves just what Apple CarPlay is.

In its purest, most stripped back form and function, Apple CarPlay is a technology platform that connects your Apple iPhone to your vehicle’s infotainment system. Basically, mirroring the phone and allowing you to facilitate and control numerous smartphone apps via the car’s interface as opposed to the handset.

And to ensure/comply with safety at all times, drivers can use voice assistant Siri to remain completely hands free.

So far, so good, right?

Well, yes and no.

But let’s begin by taking a look at how Apple CarPlay materialised.

Apple CarPlay: A Brief Timeline Of Events

Several years of joint developments between Apple and BMW Group’s American tech gurus led to the iOS feature called ‘iPod Out’. Out of which the subsequent concept of Apple’s CarPlay was originally born. First announced at the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference alongside iOS 7 it was billed as ‘iOS in the car’.

As snappy-sounding brands go, it wasn’t exactly up there with Nike, Tik-Tok or Alan Michael Sugar Trading, and at the time was loosely described as ‘iOS built into a vehicle’s sat navigation system’.

Tim Cook of Apple referred to iOS in the car as ‘part of the ecosystem’ and underlined that it was Apple’s core focus going forward. Although the talk wasn’t walked immediately thereafter, as ‘iOS in the car’ failed to be included at the launch of iOS7 in September 2013.

However, a precursor to what eventually became CarPlay did become a feature in many 2014 vehicles. Siri’s ‘eyes free’ connectivity afforded iPhone users the platform to interact with their devices without looking at their smartphone screens. That being said, there was no integration with an in-dash display at this juncture.

At the Geneva Motor Show in the March of that very same year, Apple released an official statement regarding the ‘iOS in the car’ concept.

A statement which essentially unveiled ‘CarPlay’.

So now we know what’s what, there’s a few more questions about Apple CarPlay that you’ll probably want answering. Hence why we’ve created a quick FAQ area below.

Apple CarPlay FAQ’s

Can I Add Apple CarPlay To An Older VW Audi Group Vehicle

As a general rule of thumb, it’s unlikely to connect Apple CarPlay to vehicles which pre-date 2014. That being said - and this is the bit where we come in - in some cars it was an optional extra. And providing that your vehicle is home to a compatible infotainment system (even if CarPlay isn’t specified), it may be possible for us to activate the system.

For ‘maybe’ read ‘very likely’.

Conversely, don’t take it as gospel.

However, it’s often possible to install a new operating system in tandem with Apple CarPlay onto a vehicle’s existing infotainment system. Elsewhere, it’s feasible to buy a new aftermarket infotainment system with CarPlay that can be installed in your vehicle in place of the original system.

Although this isn’t plausible should the infotainment system control some of the vehicle’s operational functionality. For example, driving mode or suspension settings.

VW Audi Group Vehicles Which Currently Support Apple CarPlay

Let’s start alphabetically with A for Audi.

And progress through Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche and SEAT, through to Skoda and ultimately, Volkswagen. The latter necessitates a lot of right hand scrolling.


A3 - 2017 - to date

A4 - 2017 - to date

A5 - 2017 - to date

A6 - 2017 - to date

A7 - 2017 - to date

Q2 - 2017 - to date

Q7 - 2017 - to date

R8 - 2017 - to date

TT - 2017 - to date

Q5 - 2017 - to date

A8 - 2017 - to date

E-tron - 2019 - to date

Q8 - 2019 - to date

Q3 - 2020 - to date

E-tron Sportback - 2021 - to date

E-tron GT - 2022 - to date

Q4 - e-tron - 2022 - to date

Q4 Sportback e-tron - 2022 - to date


Bentayga - 2017 - to date

Continental - 2019 - to date

Flying Spur - 2020 - to date


Centenario - 2017 - to date

Aventador - 2018 - to date

Huracan - 2019 - to date

Urus - 2019 - to date


718 - 2017 - to date

Panamera - 2017 - to date

Macan - 2017 - to date

Cayenne - 2017 - to date

911 - 2017 - to date

Taycan - 2020 - to date


Alhambra - 2016 - to date

Ibiza - 2016 - to date

Leon - 2016 - to date

Toledo - 2016 - to date

Ateca - 2017 - to date

Arona - 2018 - to date

Tarraco - 2020 - to date


Yeti - 2016 - to date

Fabia - 2016 - to date

Octavia - 2016 - to date

Rapid - 2016 - to date

Superb - 2016 - to date

Karoq - 2017 - to date

Kodiaq - 2017 - to date

Scala - 2017 - to date

Kamiq - 2018 - to date

Enyaq iV - 2020 - to date


CC - 2016 - to date

Scirocco - 2016 - to date

Amarok - 2016 - to date

Beetle - 2016 - to date

Beetle Cabriolet - 2016 - to date

Golf R - 2016 - to date

Caddy - 2016 - to date

Transporter - 2016 - to date

California - 2016 - to date

Caravelle - 2016 - to date

Golf - 2016 - to date

Golf Cabriolet - 2016 - to date

Golf GT/e - 2016 - to date

Fox - 2016 - to date

Passat - 2016 - to do

Polo - 2016 - to date

Sharan - 2016 - to date

Tiguan - 2016 - to date

Touran - 2016 - to date

Crafter - 2017 - to date

Arteon - 2018 - to date

Bora - 2018 - to date

T-roc - 2018 - to date

ID.3 - 2021 - to date

ID.4 - 2021 - to date

ID.5 - 2022 - to date

ID.6 - 2022 - to date

ID. Buzz - 2023 - to date

Which iPhones Support Apple CarPlay?

Aha. Another useful question.

The short answer is, all of them from the iPhone 5 onwards. For the longer answer, scroll down below.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE

iPhone 7

iPhone 8

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd gen)

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro

Just Holler

If you wish to activate your Apple CarPlay then please get in touch with our friendly customer service team today.

Who’ll be only too happy to book you in at a convenient date in the foreseeable future.

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