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Don’t Let Timing Belts Be Out of Mind Just Because They’re Out of Sight…

We replace a LOT of timing belts here.

Fact. (and figures revealed after the drop).

Timing belt kits and water pumps represent a significant percentage of our routine workload. But then they are the heartbeat of most vehicles on the road.

When a belt goes more than a bit Pete Tong, you’re in a whole world of automotive pain.

Timing (Belts) Impeccable

Timing belts (in one shape or another) have been front page news here at WCC this week.

Whilst one of our technicians replaced his 100th belt in the last 6 months alone, another discovered that a customer’s vehicle’s timing belt was precariously perished to the point in which it was living on borrowed time.

All this talk of timing belt kits inspired us to do a timely timing belt replacement info blog (please see below).

Timely Timing Belt Replacement Info Blog

With regards the former, one of our number of talented techs has hit three figures (for fitting timing belt kits) in the past six months alone.

A staggering achievement by anyone’s standards.

Yet rest assured that efficiency and thoroughness are equal to productivity, for the record.

More worrying - in terms of the latter example - this lucky escape serves as a timely reminder as to the vital importance of ensuring that your vehicle’s timing belt is changed as the manufacturer recommends for your particular model.

This could be based on both miles covered between timing belt kit replacements and/or the age in years since it was last completed.

Take A Walk On The Safe Side….

The owner of this Volkswagen Caddy - and one of our valued customers - was extremely fortunate, when we observed the perished state of the existing timing belt.

Originally booked in with us for the replacement of injectors, catastrophic engine damage was just around the next corner if the perilous condition of the timing belt had gone unnoticed.

If YOU have concerns about your timing belt and would like it changed for absolute peace of mind, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to have yours replaced.

Preferably before THIS happens…(please see first image above)

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