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Round-Up of Best April Fools’ VW Audi Group News Stories

It’s that time of year again.

Well, it was this last weekend.

When the major automotive manufacturer’s marketing departments let their creative juices flow like a tsunami.

The traditional April Fools’ news campaigns which poke fun out of the motoring industry - and ostensibly sends itself up - were obviously in full swing. If circumstantial evidence is anything seen hereabouts is anything to go by.

From niche Volkswagen nail varnish to Skoda’s inflatable dogs (don’t ask - all shall be revealed) it’s always good when the less po-faced car makers let their hair down and embrace their collective comedic side.

Unfortunately Audi failed to either receive the memo and/or loosen up in time.

Conversely, Volkswagen and Skoda leapt at the opportunity to show us their more frivolous sides, as they historically do. Bear in mind, the latter once made a Fabia from cake, so certainly isn’t scared of making itself look a little less serious when the mood/event takes them.

Don't Worry. It'll Polish Out

Our cars are fashion items these days, let’s not pretend otherwise.

And for decades Volkswagen has tried to steer its products with style as much as substance.

Think of the Polo Harlequin and Golf Colour Concepts of the 1990’s if in any lingering doubt. VW also collaborated with both The Rolling Stones and Genesis back in the day, in efforts to be ‘down with the kids’.

The kids of the 70s who grew up to become Veedub owners as adults, specifically.

Here in 2023 Volkswagen has focused on nail fashion. For the first time in the history of any automaker, the German outfit has collaborated with a leading boutique nail varnish creator, and brought to market a unique range of paint shades which are an absolute match for the colour of your Volkswagen model.

This gender neutral selection of paint shades - christened, 'The Volkswagen Collection' - includes such distinctive colourways as King’s Red, Lapiz Blue and Oryx White amongst other trending hues and saturations.

What’s more, we have it on good authority that the nail varnish can also be used to touch-up any scratches that might appear on the bodywork.

Which makes it a win-win.

And it’s all thanks to a special formula VW has been given access to, called Fashionable Oil Overhaul Laquer.

Therein lies the April’s Fool, of course.

Skoda Offers Customers Pumped Up Kicks

Elsewhere, Skoda went all out to appeal to a nation of dog lovers, courtesy of its humorous April Fools’ news piece.

Appreciating that our four-legged friends love adventures as much as we do, Skoda is well aware that we often buy our cars with our canine pals very much in mind.

And body shape.

On which note, Skoda buyers will henceforth be able to work out just how capacious a new model they require to accommodate their dogs, without rocking up at the dealership with their furry friends in tow.

Which is very thoughtful of our friends at Skoda.

Or at least, would be if there was any semblance of truth in the light-hearted tail.

Everything's Gone To The Dogs....

According to Skoda spiel (and the biggest fake news since former President Trump left office), UK retailers will now provide a cross-section of canine inflatables, so as to help buyers determine whether or not their pet will comfortably fit within the confines of a Karoq. Or if they'll need to consider the extra space which a Kodiaq affords.

Proportional to all main breeds of dog, these ‘Pumped-up Pooches’ are scaled versions of potential customers’ dogs, and total some 222 individual breeds. Kept in a special stock cabinet, Skoda will now be recognised as the first automotive brand to offer dog-specific accessories.

If any of the above wasn’t absolute flannel, that is.

However, the final word on the whole Skoda inflatable dog April fools’ thang should go to the company’s Head of Interior Space, Kaye Niyn.

Who offered this pearl of faux wisdom; “As a brand we are famed for our innovation and our love of dogs. We think that this is the best invention for canines since the patenting of the dog bowl or the squeaky bone. Owners will love the ability to test drive a new Skoda without having to wrangle their website or coax their corgi into an unfamiliar car.”

WCCNeston Take YOUR Vehicle Servicing Needs Seriously


We're in agreeance that all the above is nonsense and ‘no news’. Piffle and poppycock. Etc.

But here at WCCNeston we know that life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. And that it’s good to embrace the lighter side of life from time to time*.

In the meantime, if your vehicle requires any type of servicing, diagnostics, warranty work or indeed, an MOT. Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today to book in.

*April Fools' Day

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