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Cost Of Living Crisis Sees Nearly 50% Of Drivers Admit To Postponing Car Repairs

A staggering statistic has emerged just this last week, once more highlighting the cost of living crisis which is gripping the UK. Specifically car-related, the latest research suggests that almost 50% of drivers are delaying repairs to their vehicles due to insufficient funds available to them.

Feeling the pinch, motorists are instead prioritising food and utilities bills over getting their cars fixed, according to an insightful study conducted by CensusWide on behalf of the Nationwide Building Society.

Whereby some 2,100 were questioned as to their habits and short-term intentions right now, as all of us continue to tighten our belts during these challenging times.

Over Half of Drivers Fear They’re Unable To Meet Car Repairs Cost Right Now

Meanwhile, more than a third of drivers who were polled admitted they were worried that their vehicle might break down as a result of neglect. Whilst a further 56% voiced their concern as to how they would be able to afford any repairs in this current financially-restricting climate.

Elsewhere in this wide-ranging survey, 54% of pollsters stated that they were consciously using their cars less in a bid to save costs.

The revealing research is the clearest indication yet that an increasing number of car owners are risking causing longer term damage to their vehicles by not maintaining servicing schedules. Which are primarily designed to ensure the longevity of our cars, as well as safeguard the wellbeing of occupants and other road users.

Looking After Your Car Starts Closer To Home

However, what a lot of motorists neglect to remember is that we can all routinely undertake simple observation and subsequent maintenance that will significantly help in avoiding larger one-off expenses. The sort which are cumulative when ignoring the rudimentaries of car ownership.

‘Fifth Gear’ presenter and respected motoring journalist, Vicki Butler-Henderson imparted some vital tips when asked by The Independent what drivers could do for themselves to help protect their vehicles.

Butler-Henderson stressed that; “Small levels of maintenance such as topping up oil and checking tyre depths will save you bigger bills” in the long run.

Let WCC Continue To Afford You Peace Of Mind Motoring That Won’t Break The Bank Of You

Of course, it’s impossible to avoid car repair work which ultimately necessitates specific parts sourcing and integral component replacement.

Yet the prospect of this doesn’t need to fill drivers with a sense of dread.

Not if they choose to book the required servicing work with an experienced independent specialist, rather than a main dealer network.

Here at WCC Neston we have long looked after an expansive customer base, who routinely bring their vehicles to us as and when required. Our experienced technicians work on vehicles across the VW Audi Group brand spectrum, including every make and model; from the Volkswagen Up! through to the Bentley Continental GTC.

What’s more, we fervently believe in providing competitively-priced repair work and servicing that’s within the reach of all our customers. Irrespective of what they drive, and mindful of their individual budgets.

Unlike main VW Audi Group main dealers, WCC strives to alleviate inflated repairs costs and enable drivers to keep their vehicles on the road. Safely and competitively-priced.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly customer service team who’ll be only too happy to provide you with quotes that won’t keep you awake at night.

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