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Re-gassing Your Car’s Air-con Will Heatwave-proof Your Summer Journeys

At WCC we believe that re-gassing your car’s air-con should be high up your agenda when living and working through a hot summer. Which is exactly where our technicians can help you out.

It’s traditionally up there with joining a queue, politely apologizing for things, putting the kettle on at the first sign of a crisis and generally minding our manners. 

That’s having a conversation with anyone and everyone about the institution that is, the ‘British weather’

And typically, and from nowhere, it’s recently turned into that most British of summers. In other words, an absolutely sweltering one. No half measures.

Hot Weather Reminds Us It’s Time For Re-gassing Your Car’s Air-con

But we’re not here to complain about the weather. But instead offer practical and affordable solutions to keep you cool while you’re behind the wheel. 

Which primarily refers to re-gassing your car’s air-con system to ensure that it’s pumping out instantly refreshing ice cold air. Rather than being embraced by slightly stale, warm air.

Second only to a pint of warm beer for things you don’t really want to suffer. But being resolutely British we tend to accept, unreservedly. Only to complain about to anyone and everyone who wants to listen at your next convenience. 

However, why accept being blasted with lukewarm, potentially pungent ‘fresh air’ when you’re driving along in your car on an uncomfortably hot day. When here at Wirral Car Care we can be re-gassing your car’s air-con system for just £60 plus VAT

My Air Con Is Blowing Warm Air at Me. What Should I Do?

Irrespective of the vehicle you own in the Volkswagen and Audi Group range, we can re-gas any make and model

From scorchingly hot Seat’s to searingly hot Skoda’s to blisteringly hot Bentley’s. We can turn your inhospitable mobile oven into a pleasurable cool box on wheels within the hour. 

And how do we do this?….

Simply by removing the existing, old refrigerant gas from the car’s air-con system and replacing it with new refrigerant. Ultimately allowing your air-con to pump cold air back out at you and your vehicle’s occupants.

Why Re-gassing Your Car’s Air-con Makes Sense

Officially VW and Audi Group recommend re-gassing air-con systems once every couple of years. 

Apart from the fact that nobody wants to be wafted by warm air on a stiflingly hot summer day, the nature of the cleansing process ensures that the system continues to perform optimally and also makes a significant difference to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency too. 

Essentially, a faulty air conditioning unit means your engine will be forced to work harder, subsequently impacting on your fuel economy. And hitting you in the pocket at the petrol station.

And don’t forget, a failing air-con unit can affect your health. Factors including moisture, dust and other impurities found in air conditioning systems can actively encourage bacterial growth. Unpleasant aromas and compromised air quality can aggravate allergies, and possibly lead to infections. 

Are There Any Early Warning Signs That My Air-con Needs Re-gassing?

The most prominent tell-tale sign is the lack of cool air being blown out of your car’s air vents when you switch the air-con controls on, via the dashboard. 

But don’t wait for that to happen.

Perhaps you’ve only recently purchased your VW or Audi, or you’ve forgotten when you last had the air-con re-gassed. These things happen. By getting in touch with us today you can avoid this scenario playing out. 

It’s boiling out there right now. So do something about it by arranging for WCC to re-gas your car’s air conditioning by calling us on 0151 353 0100. And talk to one of our technicians for further information about all things air-conditioning, including fault-finding and repairs. 

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