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Our Bank Holiday Weekend Traffic Survival Guide

Ah. The institution that is the Great British Bank Holiday weekend get-away is well underway. We’re already sandwiched between May Day and the King’s Coronation; with the Spring Bank Holiday also homing in on the not too distant horizon.

Good news folks, we’re now into May.

Which other than it being one month closer to the summer (officially), also means we have a record-breaking THREE bank holiday weekends this month. Two of which are in quick succession.

So, as is habitually the case on bank holiday weekends, expect the roads to be gridlocked as people grab their first bit of motorway snarl-up sun since Easter just gone. And if they're very lucky, actually made it to the beach/mountain/lake/forest/relative’s BBQ/water park/static caravan/campsite/motorway services (delete as applicable) they’re setting out to.

All of which explains just why we’ve created this for you.

Our handy cut-out-and-keep Bank Holiday Weekend Traffic Survival Guide.

Where we impart some useful information that could prove to be the difference between smoothly and efficiently reaching your destination during this triumvirate of long weekends which spread out in front of us.

Or conversely, spending it in a tailback with an irate, finger-pointing partner/co-pilot and a back seat full of surly teens. Repeatedly questioning what happened in your life which led to this juncture.

What might have happened is you didn’t read - and take on board - our very latest consumer-friendly blog. Which outlines the rudimental rules of engagement when it comes to negotiating the great British bank holiday weekend get-away. Which means you only have yourselves to blame.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

It may be an old adage which irks when it’s trotted out.

Nonetheless, as with most sage advice, it’s strongly recommended that it’s followed. Especially when Bank Holiday weekend traffic survival is the name of the game.

Firstly, ask yourself this.

Do you really need to drive to your destination during peak travelling hours?

If you can drive early in the morning or late at night, then there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll avoid the worst of the heavy traffic. The author of his blog recalls his father driving himself, family - and the family caravan - to south Wales during the early hours of the morning to actively distance himself from other road users.

Which worked a treat, but limited the views en route.

The Sat Navs, And The Sat Nav Nots

We’re surrounded by it, so use it to your advantage when you’re plotting your bank holiday weekend journeying.

You know when you’re listening to your favourite track on the car radio whilst driving, and it’s suddenly rudely interrupted by the onset of a random traffic report? Well, yeah. There are certain times when they’re not actually annoying.

One such time is when you're travelling somewhere over a bank holiday weekend. When the TA/TP or traffic function on your car radio butts in with useful road information as and when it has something to report. Listing current events and incidents that might affect your route.

Alternatively, sat-nav systems are a motorist’s lifeline these silicon days. And instantly alert drivers to real-time problems as they arise. Priceless info.

Word to the wise, mind.

Best to keep an old school paper map/road atlas to hand. Just in case your phone signal goes awry. What, with it being 2023 and all that.

Passenger Bored Games

In our day we loved looking out of the windows and taking in the surroundings we passed through.

Or if of a certain vintage, would constantly refer to your David Bellamy ‘I-Spy Cars’ book which scored you points whenever you clocked rarer car breeds whilst journeying the highways and byways of Blighty.

Today’s youngsters need more entertainment than the analogue means by which previous generations survived the bank holiday weekend road trip. Portable DVD players, laptops, smartphones and tablets all allow kids to wile away the motorway miles with their eyes and ears glued to a variety of screens.

Tragically they’re missing out on the scenery, but that’s a sign of the times.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

If there’s one thing worse than being gridlocked due to unforeseen circumstances, then it’s being the driver responsible for gridlock. Having the misfortune to experience a potentially avoidable mechanical breakdown.

Preparing your vehicle pre-journeying is the solution.

By undertaking the following basic checks beforehand, you instantly eliminate a host of would-be incidents waiting to happen/dampen the mood more than the unpredictable British bank holiday weekend weather:

  • Run the rule over both oil and coolant levels, to ensure that they’re topped up according to manufacturer’s recommended levels

  • Check tyre pressures and also scrutinise tread depth for signs of significant wear. If your tyres are compromised, so will your bank holiday weekend get-away

  • Monitor your vehicle’s wiper blades and determine wear; replacing if necessary. But at the very least, clean them

  • Give your vehicle’s headlights, indicators and brake lights a whirl, to make sure that they are working to their optimum. Most bulbs are quick and inexpensive to source and have replaced


According to the Highway Code we should all take a break from driving for a minimum of 15 minutes every 2 hours, so as to remain fresh and alert. Thankfully motorway services are there for a reason.

And once you’ve finished wasting your money in the arcades and massage chair, it’s good to use this other Great British institution as a timely pit stop to re-energise your flagging levels. Take a restroom break.

And generally chill out before you return to the stresses of driving.

What If I Actually Suffer A Breakdown?

The best way of removing the stress from that otherwise stressful situation, is to subscribe to a recognised breakdown rescue service provider.

You know the type.

The AA, RAC, Green Flag, etc. Breakdown cover is available from around £20 per year upwards depending on the package you sign up to.

Peace of mind assured.

To Be Doubly Safe And Sound, Speak With WCCNeston

Irrespective of Bank Holiday weekend, WCCNeston is here throughout the calendar year to tend to your vehicle’s health needs. For over a decade we’ve been completing a diverse range of work on customer’s cars.

Everything from inspection, oil, gearbox and Haldex services, through to diagnostics, warranty work, MOT’s and the retrofitting of state-of-the-art driving aid and security devices.

Get in touch today to book your vehicle in to ensure that it’s fully road-worthy for all your Bank Holiday Weekend travels.

Meanwhile, stay safe on the roads!

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