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Do You Speak Vorsprung Durch Technik?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

NEW Audi Nomenclature: EXPLAINED

If you recall the video to Blur’s seminal 1990’s hit, ‘Parklife’, you’ll recall that the Audi mantra was name-dropped with steely aplomb by the lyrical-waxer extraordinaire, Phil Daniels.

A few decades on, and Audi has given fans something else to get their tongues around. Or more pressingy; their heads.

Just to confuse the easily-confusable even more, Ingolstadt has conceived a new automotive alphabet writ in big letters/numbers. Ostensibly, so we can all keep up with its alpha-numerical evolution.

We have assurances from Audi that the new letters and numbers combos will trip off the tongue. Providing we remember the following (supposedly easily identifiable) formula.

Let’s Dip In To Ingolspeak Shall We…..

Just this week, Audi’s man-at-the-top, Markus Duesmann afforded everyone present at an official company press conference a crash course in the German car manufacturer’s latest lingo.

According to the man in the know, Audi’s revised model naming strategy will henceforth see all new EV models brandishing EVEN numbers. Whilst all remaining ICE models - along with existing plug-in hybrids - will carry ODD numbers in their monikers.

So far, so good.

Until that is, you delve a little deeper.

But First, Let’s Have A Back Story Recap….

By the final quarter of 2025, Audi will have introduced some 20 new - or updated - vehicles to its portfolio. Kicking proceedings off with the all-new Q6 e-tron electric compact crossover, slated for launch in the second half of this year.

Hence Audi’s timely alpha numerical intervention protocols being stepped up. In a bid to ensure clarity and conformity in the eyes and minds of its buying brethren.

Meaning that in the blink of said eyes, we’ll instantly be able to determine which models feature electric powertrains. And which still harness internal combustion engines, beneath their stylish exteriors.

In theory at least.

So, Hit Us With The All-important Digits!

In terms of the ICE models, the next-generation Audi A4 will be sold as an A5. While the A6 will in future be badged as an A7. However, don’t bother asking what will become of the current A5 and A7, which will be de-throned by the new models/numbers.

Duesmann would only confirm 'actual' deets about additional variants will be discussed at a later date. Throwing folk off the scent by simply saying that customers could; “look forward to many emotional and high-performance derivatives”.

Casually name-checking the ‘S’ and ‘RS’ badged side hustles before dropping the mic (not).

And then things get a little more puzzling.

According to the powers that be, the A4 will continue in its new-found EV guise, and won’t need a name change. With a similar fate awaiting the impending all-electric A6.

The e-tron badge will survive the model naming cull, not least because at Audi e-tron stands for 100% electric. Plus, it’s a well established moniker which will add to a general sense of continuity.

When Is This Name-changing Exercise Set To Commence?

It’s already underway.

The transition began in earnest last year with the renaming of the e-tron as a Q8 e-tron, in the direct aftermath of the electric SUV’s mid-cycle revamp. Which subsequently means the current fossil fuel-burning Q8 could effectively be re-branded as a Q9; post its own mid-cycle revision later this year.

By a similar token, it’s rumoured that the Audi A4 is destined to morph into the A5.

You are keeping up with all this, right?

If not, we’ll work on creating a dedicated Audi Nomenclature Chart in the coming weeks to simplify all of our lives. Until Audi changes everything yet again, of course…..

For numbers that DO stack up and make absolute sense, WCC Neston. For ALL your independent Audi specialist and servicing needs.


At the abovementioned get-together, Audi also spoke of plans for a brand-new EV model to sit below the current Q4 e-tron. That said, nobody has any real idea just yet as to whether this is a reference to an A4 e-tron, or something more compact.

Like for instance, an A2 e-tron. Etc.

Incidentally, Audi has already confirmed that it will produce its very last internal combustion engine vehicle in 2026.

Thereafter fully committing to EV’s.

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