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Bentley Provide Platinum Jubilee Car: By Order of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

As the country prepares for the imminent Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s monumental 70-year tenure sat on the highest throne in the land, our attentions as one of the North West’s leading independent Bentley specialists turns to her majesty’s vehicle of choice to be seen in during this record-observing weekend.

Unsurprisingly perhaps for avid royal - and posh car - watchers, that ‘ride’ will be the preferred Bentley’s of yore.

Specifically a £10 million Bentley State Limousine, of which just two exist anywhere on the planet. Both being of Bentley Arnage heritage.

And from a purely monetary perspective, are second only in estimated value to the equally ostentatious gold-plated Rolls-Royce owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Himself, a wealthy individual of impeccable taste when it comes to the cars found in his personal collection.

Why and When Was The Bentley State Limousine Manufactured?

Both models were created by Bentley in acknowledgement of the Queen’s previous big shindig. Notably her Golden Jubilee, which was enjoyed back in 2002. Celebrating her majesty’s 50 years since ascending to the throne.

Both unique Bentley’s sought an instantaneous royal seal of approval. Arguably helped by the underlying fact that both vehicles were not merely made by appointment to HRH, but in collaboration with the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Who according to reputable sources had their collective opinions taken very much into account throughout the design and build process. In terms of the interior specification at least, the royal couple chose the very best lambswool sateen cloth offering the most luxurious seat covering available at the time. Hand-crafted by respected British textile manufacturers, Hield Brothers.

No Go Faster Stripes

The exterior of the Bentley State Limousine is finished in trademark claret and black, the default setting of all British state limo’s. It’s also equipped with sizeable ‘suicide’ coach doors, that are hinged on the rear as opposed to the leading edge as on most cars. Allowing almost 90-degree opening.

Naturally enough Bentley employed the staggeringly precise coachbuilding skills representative of its Mulliner coachworks division to undertake the bling-lite Bentley builds. The specialist team also set about stretching the limo by a further 83cms over a standard Arnage, at the same time making it 25.5cms taller and 6.8cms wider.

Referencing what powers these Bentley State Limousines, and it’s business as usual up front. In as much as the vehicle’s usual twin-turbocharged 6.7-litre V8 block, benefitting from some subtle modifications. Lifted from the Bentley Arnage R in the event, and generating 400bhp; thus resulting in a maximum speed of 130mph.

Not that the Queen will be going anywhere in a hurry this coming weekend. On the contrary. The Bentley State Limousine is engineered for stately comfort whilst being driven at conservative speeds. To ensure maximum hand waving windows for the amassed crowds.

And to top it all, then there’s the seemingly patriotic ‘Flying B’.

Synonymous with Bentley’s in whatever guise. Yet on the hugely regal occasion of the Queen’s State Limousine is instead replaced by her personal mascot of St George in his familiar/typical dragon-slaying pose.

The United States of Limousine

Whilst other folk sense the anticipation of seeing the gold state coach once again, for us petrolheads, it’s all about the automotive sense of pomp and ceremony keenly associated with a proper posh Bentley. As Crewe’s most distinguished purveyors of 'Queen Cars' continues to uphold its tradition as official providers of the royal family’s favourite means of transportation.

Historically, both examples of these stunning Bentley State Limousines are normally ‘garaged’ in the Royal Mews, and are only ever brought into service on official engagements. The last sombre occasion being the funeral of the Queen’s late husband, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.

On an equally sobering note, it goes without saying that in - and around - car security is impenetrable. With no area overlooked, both Bentley State Limousines are described by security experts as 100% safe from any external threats. For a start the cabin is entirely air-tight, so as to counter risks of gas attacks or explosions, as alarming as such notions are.

The brace of HRH Bentley’s also travel on Kevlar-reinforced tyres to ensure that they can travel to safety, should the rubber be compromised in any way and subsequently run flat in the direct aftermath of an unpredicted situation.

WCC Neston Are Here For All Your Non-Royal Bentley Servicing Needs

If you experience an unpredicted situation with your Bentley, you can always rely on WCC Neston to rectify the issues your vehicle may be suffering from. We habitually work up close and personal with a variety of customer’s Bentley’s.

Routinely performing a range of servicing on everything from Continental GT’s and Arnage’s, to Speeds, Bentley 8’s and everything else in between, WCC Neston are up there amongst the region’s go-to independent Bentley specialists.

Who wishes to sign off this Bentley-heavy blog by congratulating HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her 70 years on the throne, and ruling over her subjects with peerless qualities and accomplishment.

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