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REVEALED: New Bentley Batur Convertible With 740bhp On Tap From Iconic W12 Engine

Whilst the cost of living crisis continues to cripple most of us, there are some folk out there who still have an awful lot of wonga to blow.

And these people face altogether different daily dilemmas to the rest of us.

A bit like that bloke who winched a Bugatti Chiron aboard a million pound-plus superyacht in Monaco Harbour during last weekend’s Formula One Grand Prix

We mean, would you? Wouldn’t you? 

The sleepless nights such a PR stunt would have caused the social media influencer who arranged this spectacle, use mere mortals simply couldn’t relate to.

We Feel A Question Coming On…..

And you wouldn’t be wrong.

So here it is. 

Question. What do you get the person who (seemingly*) has everything their heart’s could ever desire?

It might be Richard Branson’s exclusive island. Were it up for sale.

It might be Damien Hirst’s dead shark pickled in formaldehyde, which recently changed hands for over £7 million.

It might be pop diva Mariah Carey’s £9 million-plus engagement ring.

It might be Jeff Bezos’s £40 million giant clock, which is designed to run for 10,000 years, apparently. And then there’s his super yacht too.

It might even be the domain name, which recently traded for north of £48 million.

Or alternatively it might be something which doesn’t have an extortionate price tag and/or a designer label attached; and which costs, well, nothing. 

Think love, peace, health, integrity, happiness and time. 

Where Are We Going With This?

Where indeed. 

The all-new Bentley Batur convertible is where we’re eventually going. So bear with us.

If you know someone who happens to have everything they could ever dream of having, yet still have an inexplicable hankering for a sort-of-salmon coloured convertible car with an oversized black mesh grille and rose gold interior elements, then Bentley has just the thing.

With Father’s Day looming on the Clinton Cards’ horizon, trust fund kids and Premier League footballers’ offsprings might be interested to learn that Crewe’s most famous export (after the railways) is creating a very limited run of Batur convertibles.

So limited in fact that a mere 16 examples are going into production.

Why Does The Bentley Batur Convertible Even Exist?

Because Bentley wished to create a Holy Trinity of superfluous supercars as part of the esteemed W12 engine’s emotional swansong. The type of out-of-reach vehicles which only members of the Illuminati could afford to own.

Only they could never be seen driving them as they’d risk outing themselves as members of the shady world order elite. 

The other two members - of Bentley’s Holy Trinity, NOT the illuminati - include in no particular order; the Batur Coupe and the Bacalar Barchetta. The latter being an actual bespoke Bentley model rather than a calorific Turkish dessert

OK. But How Does The Batur Convertible Differ Over The Batur Coupe

Aside from the worst kept secret that it’s got no roof, you mean?

Although technically it does have a roof. Just one which is optional depending on how clement the weather is. In the South of France. 

The Bentley Batur convertible is constructed around the exact same two-door, two-seat layout as the coupe, while also adopting aspects of the Bacalar within its rag-top aesthetic. The distinctive twin cowls and floating ‘airbridge’ located directly behind the cockpit are a nod to its roofless Barchetta relative, for the record.

Only the Batur convertible boasts a more practical roof which takes less than 20 seconds to deploy/stow away, and can be summoned into action at speeds of up to 30mph.

Yet still legally compliant with current health and safety legislation. 

How Exactly Would You Describe The Bentley Batur Convertible’s Paint Colour?

We’d probably describe it as the Bentley brochure does.

In as much as it’s officially known as Vermillion, and is manifest as a ‘gloss and satin finish’ if you want us to go the whole Kevin McCloud

The thing that marks the Bentley Batur Convertible out in a crowded (show)room is the fact you can option it in any exterior paintjob you wish.

Literally, any. 

According to Bentley the paint choice is - in its own carefully chosen words - ‘infinite’.

Like time, space, pi, Zeno’s Paradox, the number 1 divided by 0, and those swimming pools which you find in posh hotels in places like Dubai.

Colours defined by any one of the 16 future customers can be mixed and matched throughout every detail of the vehicle’s bodywork.

What’s more, any combination of exterior metalwork can be frequented, including titanium. The only thing limiting the finishes and individual design flourishes are the owner’s creativity.

What’s The Interior Like In Comparison?

Grim, as you’d imagine.

A stunning wraparound cabin space which comprises a unique centre console design, a triumvirate of clocks and a plethora of tactile switchgear. 

Culminating in the sparing use of 3D printed rose gold which encircles the drive mode selector, and has been sourced from Birmingham’s world-famous Jewellery Quarter. 

What’s The Bentley Batur Convertible’s Best Feature?

For us, it’s virtually impossible to look beyond that body-coloured ‘airbridge’ situated directly behind the seats, with tapered twin cowls which themselves seamlessly slope off towards the rear of the car. 

This composition looks just incredible from every conceivable elevation.

So Come Now. How Much Would A Bentley Batur Convertible Set Me Back?

Bentley hasn’t released a price yet for the Batur Convertible. But expect to have little change from £2 million when considering that the Batur coupe £1.65 million.  

As a general rule of thumb, if you need to ask, you can’t afford it. 

Not Everything Keenly Associated With Bentley’s Demand The Immediate Sale Of An Internal Organ To Fund, You Know….

Speaking of affordability and value for money when it comes to anything Bentley, then it’s been a few blogs since we last shamelessly plugged our own in-house technicians.

And their skills and collective experiences in undertaking servicing, diagnostics and general repair work on a whole host of Bentley models. Existing and historic. 

Talk to our team today if your Bentley requires any specialist work.


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