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Audi And The F1 Driver Question

(Audi. The Tron Era)

First up, and a mahoosive congratulations to British F1 driver, Lando Norris, after bagging his first Formula One GP win a couple of weekends back in Miami.

Whilst also extending our wishes to his team, McLaren.

Which chalked up its first win in some 12 years. 

After 15 podium appearances and 110 GP starts, Norris came good as many within the sport predicted he would, sooner rather than later.

Great for British interests and great for a British-based here in the UK.

Also, awesome for British driver, Lando Norris.

And now we’ve done that little bit of housekeeping (and borderline xenophobia - lol), back to VW Audi Group business.

(oohh. Nice)

Audi’s Potential Formula 1 Driver Line-up

We love Formula One.

So much so that we often pen our thoughts on it as a spectacle.

And as we all know by now, Audi is joining the Great and Powerful Formula One Roadshow in 2026. Joining forces with/becoming/metamorphosing into the team that’s currently Kick Sauber

So, what do we technically know thus far? 

Well, we know that a certain - and very talented/in-demand - Ferrari driver (without a seat from the end of this season) might be available for a future-thinking Audi Sauber team to snap up.

Unless of course Red Bull snaffles Carlos Sainz Jnr up before then.

What’s more, there’s now frenzied talk of one of the greats of the motorsport - and prematurely-retired according to most neutral observers - re-entering the fray. Mentioning no names, but Sebastian Vettel


Possibly not as prematurely as Nico Rosberg. But that’s another story/potential unfounded rumour to do the circuit in due course.

(the rear elevation of an imagined Audi F1 race car)

Where Are We Actually Going With This?......

Soooo, on these pertinent notes we have an idea.

Well, more of a suggestion.

Just on the off chance Audi’s motorsport division aren’t on the same page, we thought we’d use this blog to let them know.

Assuming of course that one of our most favourite German automotive manufacturers are regular readers of this blog.  

Don’t mock.

Stranger things have happened. Autocar magazine for example got in touch with us for a chinwag t’other day, didn't you know.

(Ashton Kutcher)

What Are We Talking About?....

What we’re talking about is Carlos Sainz Jnr and Sebastian Vettel would make the dream ticket driver pairing for Audi’s debut season in F1, would they not?

Seriously. Bit of a no-brainer when you think about it.

The Jedi master who’s been there, done that and seen it all, further mentoring the young padawan with so much potential behind the wheel of a Formula One car.

Experience and youth in the perfect driver pairing package. 

With the added bonus that Vettel holds a German passport, to appeal to the more partisan crowds at Hockenheim, as well as the paymasters at Audi

(Bottas and friends)

What’s Wrong With Sticking With The Be-Mulleted Valteri Bottas?

Good question. Sort of.

As everyone loves the Finnish Kimi heir-apparent. Only less aloof, but as much his ‘own man’

Although he does tend to be more focused on road cycling and filming hilariously self-effacing ads for Australian-market Uber car share these days.

(Herr Flick)

What’s The Likelihood Of This Happening?

The ‘THIS’ being Sainz Jnr and Vettel joining forces to become the Audi F1 dream ticket in 2026. 

Nothing surprises us in the Formula One world. And nothing can ever truly be ruled in or out.

Things change in the blink of an eye.

Drivers. Race car aero. Lewis Hamilton’s hairstyle.

By the time you’ve thought something, the agenda’s moved on. 

So nobody really knows.

The only constant appears to be Max Verstappen’s relentless groundhog day wins.

It’s just one line of a myriad of speculations circulating around Audi Sauber and the current crop of drivers who may or may not be available/willing/wanting to join this bold new horizon.

Or 'project', as people like to refer to things these days.

(Nico. Not Rosberg)

STOP PRESS! But Then THIS Happened!

However - and throwing something of a spanner in our convoluted works/baseless musings - since we started penning this blog, Nico Hulkenberg has pledged his future allegiance to Kick Sauber.

Which keen F1 observers see as a timely warm-up exercise for when Audi takes up the reins as of 2026.

Alas. Hulkenberg signing on the dotted line might now rule out part of our Sainz Jnr/Vettel dream ticket idea.

Essentially the Vettel element. Or possibly the Sainz Jnr aspect.

Or probably both, truth be told.

Apparently Audi wanted to pin down a German driver ahead of its first foray into Formula One. Hazarding a guess to appease Ingolstadt’s powerbrokers as we alluded to above. And one with current experience behind the wheel of the latest generation of F1 race car.

Which might, ultimately rule out a move for Vettel.

Or perhaps Hulkenberg is merely viewed as a stop-gap solution to ease the medium-to-longer term transition for the new team. 

Who REALLY knows.

Everything is supposition right now.

(artistic/Photoshop impression of an Audi F1 race car)

And What About The Adrian Newey Question?....

Oh yes.

In another very recent development, there’s the intriguing Adrian Newey question

In the wake of the seismic turmoil created by the much-publicised Christian Horner saga/subsequent fallout, one of the sport’s most revered engineering/design pioneers could become a free agent.

And one whose demand will be unprecedented amongst Red Bull’s closest rivals. Sparking an instantaneous clamour for his signature. 

Why Do I/We Care?....

As ever, we will keep you posted on future Audi F1 happenings for the following reasons:

It’s VERY exciting.

We LOVE Formula One.

We LOVE gossip.

We LOVE Audi.

We are contractually obliged.

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