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It’s that time of the week/month again where we round-up the stories making the headlines in the world of Volkswagen Audi Group. News pieces you may or may not be aware of.

On this occasion, we’re taking a closer look at the latest goings on at Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley and Porsche.

Audi’s Fifty Shades of Grey. And Then Some

There’s no arguing that in recent years Audi has been the torchbearer for ambitious exterior colours. Plus they remain the undisputed kings of kool simply for inventing the ultimate bodywork hue and saturation.

Namely, ‘Nardo Grey’.

Often imitated.

Never bettered.

Well now, for those Audi drivers who DON’T opt for various shades of grey, there’s a brand-spanking new range of exterior paint choices out there.

Hoonipigasus. You Heard It Here First

The original ‘Hoonigan’ has been at it again. The ‘it’ being closely associated with a rapid vehicle which has connections to the Volkswagen AG brand.

After recently reporting on Ken Block’s new working relationship with Audi, he’s now diversified his hooning interests into the realms of Porsche.

Dubbed the ‘Hoonipigasus’, is a modern interpretation of the iconic 917/20. Only monstrously fettled to within an inch of its natural, so as to stand a fighting chance in the famous Pikes Peak.

With Block himself in the driver’s seat/cockpit.

In collaboration with BBi Autosport, Block’s team somehow managed to shoehorn a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre flat-six engine into the Porker. Which generates a staggering 1,400bhp.

Expect some serious sideways action sometime soon…..

VW’s EV Vision for 2022

Volkswagen has committed to building some 800,000 fully-charged vehicles this year, according to the people at the very top of the chain of command.

This global production target is part of the path which subsequently leads to future goals. Including 1.3 million EV’s being built in 2023, eventually scaling up to an ambitiously proposed all-electric vehicle output by 2030.

Faster, Louder, Lower, Harder, Everything-er

Just on the off chance that your ‘standard’ RS5 wasn’t quick, loud or stanced enough for you, Audi has released its new ‘Competition Pack’ available for the 2023 RS5. Which actively uprates a host of key features which personify this performance model.

In terms of rapidity of movement, the Competition Package ramps up the top speed from an already brisk 155mph to a face-bending 180mph.

And if the RS5 in traditional robes still isn’t producing enough decibels for your liking, then the Competition also comes with a new ‘RS sports exhaust system’ for the RS5. Including matte-black tailpipes and what Audi describes as a ‘more intense sound pattern’.

Elsewhere, enhanced rear diff and re-tuning of the car’s steering, together with new adjustable coilover suspension are added. The latter dropping the RS5 by a further 20 millimetres if required.

Bentley Bentayga Goes Extra Large

It’s normally America we keenly associate with everything ‘going large’. Yet it seems that somewhere much closer to home has got in on the act too. Namely Crewe, in Cheshire. Albeit via Germany, if you know what we mean.

As Bentley has announced that its already gargantuan posh SUV has put on a few extra pounds after lockdown. Or rather, inches. But not in girth. More length.

180mm to be mathematically accurate.

And what has Bentley done with this additional space?

Well, they’ve made it even more luxurious for a quiet start. As if that was possible. And one of the most prominent ways the Bentayga achieves this mean feat is by affording potential new owners the opportunity to spec ‘Bentley airline’ rear seats.

Which not only looks the part, but also reclines 40 degrees, adds auto climate controls, various massage upgrades, electric headrests, backrest and cushion extensions. Whilst diamond quilting on the upholstery, ambient lighting and metal overlay in the veneer feature certainly generates more kudos.

Everything to create a VIP feel for rear seat passengers.

WCC Always Give Customers VIP Treatment

On the subject of being made to feel special, here at WCC we ensure that all our customers come away with the sense that both they and their vehicles have been looked after to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide main dealer-rivalling customer care as well as servicing. And we must be getting this hugely important aspect right, otherwise our repeat custom wouldn’t be so impressive.

Why not find out yourself, by booking in your Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Bentley or Porsche with WCC today.

In the meantime, look out for our next VAG news update….

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