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Ken Block Teams Up With Audi: Independent Specialist Reveals More

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As an established Audi independent specialist, we’re excited at the prospect of motorsport giants, Audi teaming up with the self-acclaimed ‘Hoonigan’, Ken Block. Which certainly sounds like a match made in automotive heaven (on earth). However, for the time being the former are remaining tight-lipped about their new-found relationship with the latter. 

With some sort of partnership announced only this week, Audi is refusing to be pinned down on exactly what this future collaboration will entail. Suffice to say it will involve, ‘Exclusive joint projects in the field of electric mobility’. Adding to the air of mystery and intrigue which surrounds this breaking story.

Yet enough, all the same, to enable an Audi independent specialist like us to instantly conjure up images of adrenalin-junkie, Block engaged in some serious sideways action in the Audi RS e-tron GT, perhaps. 

As much as we’re privy to, Block will be supporting and consulting with Audi in their future electric mobility department’s plans. And helping them launch exciting new and brand exclusive projects.

Audi Independent Specialist Excited By Collaboration Between Audi and Ken Block

Despite Audi failing to give too much/anything of actual substance away, Block has gone a couple of sentences further at least.

The extreme motorsport involvee adding, “Audi is the brand that ignited my passion for motorsport. I am extremely excited to start this new chapter. Together, we will develop innovative projects and push the boundaries of electric mobility.”

Block went on to talk about how electric mobility is the future. Describing how he sees EV’s as a ‘leap of faith for society’. The ‘leaping’ and ‘faith’ bit something he’s well qualified to talk about, given his back story. Block also mentions how reducing emissions and saving the planet are hugely important factors with regards to his fascination for electric cars. Essentially underpinning his decision to join forces with Audi. To whatever end that’s destined to be

Chips Off the Old Block Enthuse About Audi’s EV Future

When quizzed on the elephant in the room, Block was surprisingly upbeat. For an individual whose previous vehicle endeavours have traditionally created a lot of noise and commotion, the concept of eerily quiet EVs entering the motorsport arena have unfazed him. 

Conversely, Block speaks of how his own kids don’t care about the automotive histrionics. Those more keenly associated with their dad hooning around in all manner of vocal sports cars. To them, the sound of electric cars is just as cool as the sounds typically generated by the internal combustion engine.

Audi Independent Specialist On Hand to Look After Your Vehicle’s Every Need

Interesting stuff, and something we’ll be keeping an eye on here at your local and independent Audi specialist. A place where we routinely work on a large number of Audi vehicles.

WCC carries out services, run diagnostics and complete repairs. What’s more we arrange MOT’s for, and install various retrofitted driving aid and security products to ANY Audi. From the A1 up to the R8 V12, and every model in between.

Why not call us today for the best prices and best customer service you’ll experience. And which is every bit as professional as that found at an Audi main dealer. Only costing you a lot less in the process. 

And like Ken Block himself. WCC knows how to keep its audience/customer-base happy.

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