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Introducing The WCC Winter-Ready Recce

Are YOU worried by the thought of winter driving?…..

Yes, it’s suddenly got dark and cold outside. The joys of summer driving are but a distant memory. But that doesn’t mean you need to experience the winter driving dread. Not if you book in for our VWAudi Group vehicle winter health check, that is.

We’ve all been there. Autumn quickly changes to winter. Thoughts immediately turn to whether or not our cars will start on a cold winter’s morning. Fearing school run or work commute nightmares. Fearing ‘the fear’ itself. 

You try to tell yourself it’s irrational, but truth be told, it isn’t. Badly-maintained tyres, car batteries and brakes, can be your worst nightmare this winter. As can  low levels of antifreeze, oil and screen wash. 

Nobody Needs THIS Level of Stress. It’s Not Healthy. But Most of All – It’s Avoidable!

Speaking of health – and safety – but not in an off-putting officious way. We’re introducing our brand new winter vehicle healthcare check. Which we’ve breezily titled, The WCC Winter-Ready Recce

What Does the VWAudi Group Vehicle Winter Health Check Include?

This package of 6 key vehicle checks which will essentially ensure that your VW & Audi Group vehicle gets you through this winter unscathed. Protecting both your car and yourself from the inconvenience of literally, and more importantly, physically, being left out in the cold. 

All 6 core seasonal VWAudi Group vehicle winter health check touch points are what – in our lengthy experience – tells us will help winter-proof your vehicle. Ahead of the unpredictable climate change. UK seasonal, not global, just for the record.

The 6 point WCC VWAudi Group vehicle winter health check comprises the following features:

  1. Tyre pressures/tread wear check

  2. Car battery strength evaluation/check

  3. Brake percentage/evaluation check

  4. Oil levels check (and free top ups)

  5. Lights + level checks (coolant, screen wash, antifreeze, etc)

  6. Wipers and windscreen check

All of the above are considered ‘must haves’ for safe driving on British roads. Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting snow chains just yet. It’s not Scandinavia.

However, with regards to the above, ALL these checks are hugely relevant to ensuring safe driving over the impending winter months. 

Why Is The VWAudi Group Vehicle Winter Health Check So Important?

Simply because, failure to keep on top of these 6 crucial car checks could easily lead to expensive repair bills further down the line. Or even catastrophic engine damage, potentially even beyond repair. 

In terms of tyre checks, worn tyres are considered dangerous throughout the year, yet when you factor in significantly compromised vehicle stopping distances in wet, icy or snowy conditions, the necessity to have healthy tyres is paramount. After all, your car’s tyres are the ONLY part of your vehicle which is in direct contact with the road surface. 

Car battery failure is one of the most commonly reported causes of vehicle roadside recoveries during the winter months. With the cold weather impacting negatively on your battery’s power-recruiting capacity, it’s realistic that just two-thirds of the battery’s overall power will be available when temperatures dip. What’s more, batteries over 5-years old will typically struggle to turn the engine over in freezing conditions. 

What Other VWAudi Group Vehicle Winter Health Check Features Are Important, and Why?

Oil levels are critical to your vehicle engine’s life expectancy.

Should levels slip below the minimum mark on a dipstick, then engine disaster could be just around the corner. Engine oil is absolutely essential for maintaining lubrication of all core engine components, together with heat absorption needed to keep working parts cool. 

Running with no – or low – coolant levels in your car, and overheating will ensue. Quickly followed by serious engine damage. To nip this threat in the bud, making sure that coolant level are where they should be is a priority. In winter, you need to add antifreeze to this mix. Or at least, a 50/50 blend of distilled water and antifreeze to safeguard against freezing and boiling over. 

Keeping a weather eye on screen-wash levels is also very important during the winter. More moisture translates as more dirt on your windscreen. While wash/wipe reservoirs will barely be facilitated during the summer season, demand will peak once winter comes to bear. Our technicians will check your screen wash reserves and wiper blades as part of our comprehensive VWAudi Group vehicle winter health check package.

How Do I Book In For The WCC VWAudi Group Vehicle Winter Health Check?

In order to take advantage of our winter weather-busting vehicle health check offer, simply get in touch with us via our usual means. Be it phoning us on 0151.353.0100, responding to our social media accounts, or sending us a private message. 

Alternatively, you’re more than welcome just to pop into our HQ to make your booking.

We’re easy like that. Whichever way suits you.

How Much Will The VWAudi Group Vehicle Winter Health Check Cost Me?

Much less than you might otherwise think.

£39.00 to be exact.

So don’t delay, and book today.

And don’t forget to take extra special care when driving this winter. It’s a jungle/winter wonderland out there….

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