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Skoda Survey Reveals Parallel Parking UK Driver’s Least Favourite Car Manoeuvre

OK. It’s probably not the biggest sensationalist headline you’ll ever read.

It’s not exactly up there with Freddie Starr consuming a hamster, for example.

Yet it just goes to prove that NOBODY relishes the prospect of parallel parking their car.

But anyway, it’s now official.

Parallel parking is drivers’ LEAST favourite manoeuvre.

And how do we know this?

Well, our friends over at Skoda UK have just conducted a far-reaching survey to determine what British motorists struggle with the most when behind the wheel.

Parallel Parking: Number Crunching

Some 43% of drivers questioned admitted that they avoided parallel parking at all costs.

Followed in order of parking actions feared most by reverse-in bay parking (21%) and front-on bay parking (14%).

The research compiled by Skoda puts the nation’s loathing of many aspects of parking our cars very much in focus.

With a staggering 73% of pollsters confirming that they’d actually thrown in the towel when it came to challenging parking spaces, opting to move on and try their luck elsewhere.

For those who persevere before space, turning circles and talent runs out, nearly a quarter (23%) admit to accidentally nudging another stationary vehicle, while 33% concede that they’ve damaged a wheel or tyre when executing this tricky practice.

Still, not everyone faces difficulties when attempting to park their cars.

Providing of course that they’re being honest.

If, to be believed, 4% of motorists/confident parkers say they’ve never experienced any parking problematics whatsoever.

Cue much chin-rubbing and eye-rolling.

So, What’s The Solution?

Parking sensors. In a word. Or two.

Which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is recognised as the UK’s most sought-after parking assistance feature. And standard kit on every Skoda vehicle, just for the record.

As part of the very same research - and when put to pollsters - 55% claim that parking assist systems are a deal-breaker when purchasing a new car.

These semi-automatic functions enable drivers to shoehorn their vehicles into perpendicular spaces and parallel parking spots with consummate ease.

A far cry from the blood, sweat and tears resultant when we’re left to our own devices.

The parking aid coveted most by drivers are rear parking sensors.

68% of those surveyed considered rear parking sensors as ‘essential’. Followed closely by reversing cameras and front parking sensors.

Science Fact

Incidentally, a nifty piece of kit on the all-new Skoda Enyaq Coupe EV is its Intelligent Park Assist.

Which encompasses a 360-degree area view camera so as to provide full external visibility at close quarters. An optional extra thereafter is Trained Parking.

Where the Skoda automatically parks itself with no human interaction. Albeit once the owner has demonstrated the move, which is subsequently committed to the car’s memory for future reference.

If you drive a Skoda (or VW, Audi, SEAT, Cupra or Bentley) and it requires any type of servicing or diagnostic works carried out on it, then talk to our team today.

And we’ll book your vehicle in then and there.

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