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Future-proof North West Audi Specialists Excited by Skysphere Roadster Concept Reveal

If you’re an 80s kid, then you’ll be no stranger to Transformers. And not the passive component which transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. 

We’re talking about robots in disguise. Often hiding in plain sight in the guise of original bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle’s answering to the name of ‘Bumblebee’.

Sadly, that’s all child-friendly science fiction and today Audinot Volkswagen – are offering us more adult-friendly science fact. In the shape and form of the incredible Audi skysphere Roadster Concept.  

Audi Going Back to the Future With Electrifying skysphere Roadster Concept

This two-seater fully electric concept car is however a throwback in its own rights. Only thrown back way further than our childhood car/robot fantasies and to a time and a place where grandeur and the Great Gatsby ruled supreme. 

The Horch 853A is instantly identifiable with the 1930’s, and clearly the visual inspiration for this breathtakingly beautiful Audi skysphere. That’s not a glaring typo, by the way. Audi impresses upon everyone that the skysphere is spelt with a lowercase ‘s’.

Who are we to argue….

Aesthetically referencing the long bonnet and small cabin roadster associated with the Horch 853A it may be, but any other similarities with the skysphere ends right there. As THIS Audi concept is very much an exercise in the future. 

Future Audi Has Split Personality That North West Audi Specialists Are Keen to Embrace

The skysphere is essentially the two vehicles in one. Courtesy of cutting-edge automotive tech which does, admittedly sound and look like something from a different planet.

So here’s the rub.

The skysphere can physically alter its length to adapt to different driving styles and conditions. Or rather, automatically revise the length of its wheelbase and body. And it performs this shape-shifting at the touch of a button. Straight out of a 1950s comic book which predicted a slightly distorted future which largely never bore out.

So, You’re Telling Me That The Audi Literally Changes Shape?

Less literally, more physically. Thanks to a 250mm sliding mechanism.

In ‘Sports’ mode the car measures 4.94m in length, drops 10mm in ride height and acquires rear-wheel steering. However, switch to ‘Grand Touring’ mode and the electric motors power an expansive alternative vision. By increasing the distance between the wheels to 5.19m. Simultaneously, both the steering wheel and pedals disappear into a seemingly ‘invisible’ area, to provide more interior space. Subsequently activating the skysphere’s level 4 autonomy.

That’s The Tech Covered, Albeit in a Couple of Rudimentary Sentences. But What About the Exterior and Interior? Is That Much Kop?

What do you think. 

Those 23” alloys are something else, for a quiet start. And then there’s that gigantic single-frame Audi grille that’s full of LED lights. Flared wheel arches, wide track and a low body complete the aggressive, yet poised and at the same time, elegant stance which visually characterise this sublime-looking roadster

As you’d expect, the interior space is a place where the driver would wish to spend a lot of their time. Such are the perceived levels of opulence, comfort and autonomous gadgetry that they’re enveloped by. 

Of course, as with any concept car, whether or not the skysphere Roadster will eventually appear on our roads is an altogether different question. We just hope and pray that Audi follows up on this in the not too distant future.

Yet in the meantime we’re here to keep the Audi that YOU currently drive very much on the road. Something WCC has been successfully doing for over a decade now, as our loyal customer base will testify. 

Check In With WCC to Future-proof Your Audi

Be it inspection services, MOT’s, diagnostic checks, the fitment of aftermarket driving aids or security devices, WCC is recognised as one of the leading independent north west Audi specialists. Meaning that you can have confidence in the fact that there’s nothing that our team of dealer-experienced technicians don’t know about your Audi vehicle

From classic 90s Quattro coupes through to contemporary RS6 estates and any forward-looking Audi in between, we can transform your expectations of what dealer-standard businesses can achieve. Without the scalable expenses more keenly associated with such alternatives to ourselves.

To witness the difference for yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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