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EV Specialists Create Future-proof Bentley S2 Continental

Stop. Wait. What. A Bentley EV Resto Mod?

Yup. Exactly THAT.

If someone asked you to name what you think might be the coolest car to have been converted into a fully fledged electric vehicle, then the chances are someone might call out a DeLorean DMC-12.

Just because it kinda makes sense.

Otherwise, (in terms of what’s actually been tried and tested), respected motoring journo, Johnny Smith’s Enfield 8000 would be right up there. Along with a Mk1 Ford Cortina, a stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia GT and a little old Rover Mini, thereabouts.

To ensure that our electric dreams don’t stray too far away from the realms of the VW Audi Group brethren, then you will doubtless be excited to learn that Zelectric Motors have reimagined the classic Veedub Beetle in glorious EV-ness too. The boffins there also dabbling in classic Porsche electrification.

To the extent that probably ruffled the feathers of a few Porsche puritans.

A World First. Unofficially.

Yet to the best of our knowledge nobody has ever had the vision to reinvent a vintage-flavoured slice of automotive history that encompasses the iconic ‘Flying B’ about its surface area. Which is precisely what independent high-end vehicle EV specialists Lunaz Design, has done of late.

Lunaz Design has taken one of the rarest of classic cars and undertaken what’s believed to be the world’s first transformation of a Bentley S2 Continental from the internal combustion engine to fully electric power.

How Rare Are We Talking Here?

Uber rare. Hen’s teeth. Rocking horse detriment. The works.

This 1961 Bentley S2 Continental is one of ONLY FOUR examples built.

And prior to its re-inCARnation as a future-proof EV for our times, it was powered by a whopping 6.2-litre V8 petrol unit. As a result of its mechanical repurposing, it now houses Lunaz’s bespoke proprietary modular electric powertrain. Comprising high-grade Tier 1 OEM battery cells and motors.

Evidence suggests that Lunaz does have previous in the whole ‘coolest cars to convert to EV’ category. Having turned its resto-modding hands to a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

But back to the Bentley; and what else has been systematically addressed - and subsequently revamped - to drag this sublime machine kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

The Vital Statistics Revealed

What vital components haven’t been upgraded is a more accurate statement.

Brakes, steering, suspension and electrics have been significantly overhauled to ensure that this road-going museum-piece Bentley can cope with the rigours of contemporary driving conditions. Meeting the dynamic expectations of drivers, together with compliance with current safety standards.

On this unique occasion, the customer instructed the team at Lunaz to make the car as driveable and moreover, engaging, as was physically possible. Given the blatantly retro modernist interfacing at play.

The upshot is a clean-air 400bhp powertrain which generates some 530 lb-ft of torque and can complete the 0 - 62mph sprint in sub 7 seconds.

Impressive figures for what appears at first glance to be akin to Blenheim Palace. On wheels.

WCC: Independent Bentley Specialists

The team at WCC Neston are no strangers to Bentley’s.

Instantly familiar with the nuances and quirks of the more omnipresent likes of the Continental GT, GTC and Bentayga. Yet willing and able to take on ANY of Crewe’s finest exports, whatever model and year of original manufacture.

For more information about the servicing and warranty work we can carry out on your Bentley, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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