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BREAKING: VW Up! Axed By 2024

We’re fast hurtling towards pantomime season and everyone needs a villain, right?

Enter stage left the newest wrong ‘un in the automotive panto world, Volkswagen.

Boo, hiss, etc.

Joking Apart, The VW Up! Will Soon Be Behind Us All

The previously impossible news has just reached WCC HQ that VW is unceremoniously killing off the Up!

As we write, the most instantly recognisable punctuation mark in car boot history is seemingly not enough of an exclamation, when trying to compute the unfathomable.

Indeed, why oh why oh why, Volkswagen?!

To make matters even more audience un-pleasing, Volkswagen has confirmed that it’ll be culling the Up! before the year’s even out!

Meaning that the VW Up! will cease to exist this side of the first strains of Auld Lang Syne ringing out. Immediately prior to the ushering in of the newest of New Years.

The Collective Up!set is Palpable

Comparisons will inevitably be drawn with the heart-wrenching loss of a family dog. A very small, cute, cuddly canine with googly eyes and a lapping tongue that lives solely to please its owner.

The Up! after all, is the automotive equivalent of this very thing.

A city car which has continued to win the hearts and minds of the great British motoring public since its launch in 2011.

Taking up where the once-equally-diminuitive-but-mighty Volkswagen Lupo left off. After it had suffered the same catastrophic fate at the hands of VW. Subsequently ingratiating itself with the most hard-to-please of motoring types.

If there’s one saving grace - and it’s only one as we see it - then at least post-cull we’re pretty confident that like the Lupo before it, the Up! will go on to achieve cult car status amongst those who know their automotive onions.

So Why Is Production Of The Up! Coming To A Devastating End?

Why do you think.

Because Veedub is on an IDyssey which will almost certainly see all future models in its range preceded by the letters ‘I’ and ‘D’. Whilst empowering resolute EV-ness.

Yup, not to be left out, the Up! is fated to go the same way as the Golf.

Surplus to requirement in a brave new electric vehicle world. Which as we write, doesn’t have the infrastructural capacity to support itself here in the UK, and with prohibitive price points at nearly every level of ownership and budget.

In the Up!s case it’s set to be usurped by an as-yet-unseen VW ID.1. Which we’re told will represent the company’s gateway drug for full throttle Veedubbery going forward.

This ultra-compact electric city car is slated to land in dealerships within the next five years, with mooted prices said to be in the region of £17k or less.

But enough of that flirting with the enemy at the gates.

Polo Steps Up To The VW Supermini Plate

In the meantime, the erstwhile Polo will be automatically promoted through the ranks and become Volkswagen’s new entry level supermini, while we wait on the unveiling of the ID.1.

Although the Polo shouldn’t get too comfortable with its new-found station in life, as VW’s CEO recently hinted that the Polo itself could be removed from circulation sooner rather than later due to Euro 7 regulations. Eventually being superseded by - you guessed it - an ID.2.

Complacency, like familiarity, breeding contempt.

VW Up! Timeline

With Volkswagen announcing the final run-out models of the Up! will appear on its Bratislava plant’s production line as early as the fourth quarter of 2023 (ie, now), we thought it might be prudent to have a quick recap of the Up! timeline.

Our unexpected journey down memory lane begins in 2011, when the Up! first saw the light of day. Less than 12 months later the Up! was basking in the radiance of winning the ‘World Car of the Year’ crown.

In its 12-year run, the Up! has benefitted from numerous engines, yet burst onto the scene with the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit that produced either 59bhp or 74bhp. In 2016 power was increased to the tune of 89bhp, courtesy of a turbo lump being introduced.

As if the initial flavours the Up! arrived in weren’t dee-lish enough, it wasn’t long before the protein shake GTi was introduced to the heady mix. Replete with 113bhp, a sportier design and a six-speed manual transmission.

And boomshackalak. We were in business.

Everyone’s favourite car mag, ‘Top Gear’ even went as far as to make the Up! GTi its much sought after, ‘Pocket Rocket of the Year’ in 2017, therein acknowledging its broad appeal. As well as being testament to its drive qualities and engineering underpinnings.

And don’t forget, the Up! went on to outlive its closest relations in the VW Audi Group supermini arms race. Namely the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii.

Remember those plucky little Up! starts?

But Wasn’t There An e-Up!? (punctuation rules accepted)


Perversely VW had already created a fully electric iteration of the Up! and launched it back in 2014.

The existing compact EV it’s now replacing with another compact EV.

Only swapping an exclamation mark for the letters ‘I’ and ‘D’.

Go figure.

Our Thoughts On The Subject

For what it’s worth, we believe that VW has made a terrible mistake. We’re living through fiscally-challenging times, and the Up! is a relatively affordable and economic car.

It also hardly ever misses a beat.

With VW Up!s only ever visiting us for their timely services and annual MOT’s. Rarely anything more untoward.

That being said, our remit is to look after your Volkswagen Up! Which we will continue to do regardless.

Should you require our help with anything Up! then just holler.

As you were……

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