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Bentley Specialist In Tune With Every Owners’ Needs

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner, as worked on by WCC's technicians as a Bentley specialist

The sound of a Bentley has always been music to our ears here at WCC. And as a long-standing Bentley specialist covering servicing, repairs, MOTs, diagnostics and aftermarket products, we are well aware of just how incredible these vehicles are, per se. Not to mention, increasingly future-proof. For what is, after all, a perceivably traditional car maker. 

WCC has also been very mindful of the speed at which technology advances. And how frightening that can be sometimes.

Exciting, Obviously. But Also a Little Scary to a Bentley Specialist 

Talking about speed – and a point in questionCrewe’s iconic automotive manufacturer, Bentley recently trialled a driver intuitive in-car sound system. 

Essentially, creating a soundtrack to accompany the driver on their journey. The ensuing playlist is said to be inspired and subsequently compiled by the owner’s individual driving characteristics. 

Now we can all agree, that’s pretty impressive.

Bentley Brings the Noise. Only Personalised to Owner’s Driving Style

VW-owned Bentley collaborated with adaptive music company, Life Score. Together they facilitated music which both parties describe as being, ‘adaptive to the ever-changing driving conditions’. Those which driver’s typically encounter when behind the wheel.

So, the following first thoughts instantly spring to mind.

If you’re the type of person who likes to drive your Bentley in a more spirited style, then the chances are that this reactive sound system will create a fast and furious driver playlist. Including the potentially road rage-inducing likes of Meatloaf, Prodigy and some mid-90s happy hardcore.

Then there’s the flip side. Which suggests that if you’re a fan of grand touring and tend to adopt a more reserved and leisurely driving pace, we assume this tech will recognise and reflect that. Courtesy of a chillaxing spot of Vivaldi, Brahms and Moby.

Anyone remember the latter?

This Continental GT Mulliner by Bentley is no stranger to Bentley specialist, WCC.

Bentley Specialist Embraces the Science Bit

Billed as a high intensity audio experience, the music derives from a sound bank library which comprises in excess of 100 billion unique tracks. Found within an expansive audio data and recording platform. With personalised composition taking place during an average 60 minute drive. 

Similar to most things in 2021, the system relies on algorithms to produce compositions that flow through themes and permutations. Something which is achieved by optimising coherence and reducing repetition of cells and other AI tech. Bentley says that a single hour’s worth of human composed cells will be responsible for unlimited hours of music.

While the likelihood of repetition is said to be negligible. 

Music Playlists In Tune With Bentley Drivers

In terms of how all these musical persuasions are put down, and apparently when driving in a ‘sporty’ fashion, the music is said to be ‘highly reactive’. Sensing differences in transmission deployment and the nuances of acceleration and torque delivery. 

Ultimately it’s all about synching driving mannerisms to sound.

Which is cool.

The bad news is the system is unavailable for Bentley’s production vehicles as we write. Yet is set to be a feature when the company’s debut EV is launched sometime in the foreseeable future. 

WCC are the go to Bentley specialist on the Wirral and across Cheshire.

WCC Tuned In To Bentley Owners’ Needs

In the meantime we have other news which should also be music to your ears. That being we are widely regarded as a leading Bentley specialist across the Wirral and Cheshire, and throughout the north west. And as such are well versed in tending to your Bentley’s needs. Whenever, and wherever they should arise. 

We have been serving Bentley owners for the past 10 years from our easily accessible Wirral HQ, and have state-of-the-art facilities and a team offering a wealth of experience working on the full range of Bentley vehicles. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

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