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Exclusive Bentley Speed Edition 12 Announced

We might have mentioned it previously. Apologies if we have.

But it’s a really big deal, OK.

Make a note in your diary and prepare to lower the flags to half mast. April 2024 is the exact month/year when Bentley will cease to manufacture its behemoth W12 engine.

After hitherto shifting some 100,000 units to date, it was recently announced that the Crewe-based purveyor of posh motors was phasing out its legendary W12 engine.

To focus, instead, on its more climate change-appeasing EV models.

Reason enough to create these four, limited edition run-out models, even cynics would concur. Strikingly poignant vessels in which to house the iconic 12-cylinder power plant; universally judged by experts as being the most successful of the modern era.

The W12 is to the Bentley, what the Merlin engine is to the Supermarine Spitfire, in essence. And that’s not an overstatement.

Well, maybe a tad bullish. But, you know. It’s a Bentley, etc.

Exclusive Bentley Speed Edition 12 Will Be Available In Bentayga, Flying Spur And Continental GT/GTC Models

Enveloping four of Bentley’s current model range, only 120 of each will be produced.

Which even by our suspect math, makes that a mere 480 Speed Edition 12’s forecast to be in circulation.

Therefore future rarity value will be off the scale, in an already much sought after sector.

What Makes The Speed Edition 12 Special?

So, what can prospective buyers of a Bentley Speed Edition 12 expect for their money/to distinguish them between the common-or-garden Bentayga, Flying Spur, Continental GT and GTC?

As you might imagine, it’s lavished with unique design features which extend to the following. But if Bentley can’t spare not a single expense, then nobody can.

Special Speed Edition 12 badging, treadplates, seat upholstery embroidery, colour-graduated seat contrast stitching, ‘Grand Black’ veneer fascia inlays with the engine firing sequence etched alongside an inlaid Speed Edition 12 badge, and a numbered engine plaque.

Bentley has even commissioned a brand new - and unique - exterior paint finish called, ‘Opalite’.

Offered as a paint option, it’s best described as a light grey-green that benefits from a subtle copper effect that resonates in bright sunshine. Best described by Bentley’s PR department that is.

Which is further complimented by the presence of Blackline specification 22” Speed alloys.

Which in turn contrasts with silver brake calipers.

Opening Up More On The Interior Spec

As well as excelling on the outsides, you just know that the interior of any Bentley is going to be a special place to find yourself.

The perfect sanctuary to escape the stresses of modern life.

The Speed Edition 12 is no exception to this unwritten rule.

All models come with Bentley’s Speed colour splits, with the predominant colour - Beluga Black - selected as either the sole upholstery colour, or enhanced by Brunel Blue, Cricketball Red, Linen or Orange.

Any Freebies Thrown In?

When you’re paying new Bentley money, it’s only fair to assume you’ll get something gift-shaped to help cushion the blow.

And if it’s REAL exclusivity that potential Bentley Speed Edition 12 customers are after, then just wait till they read about each of the 480 units presented with its very own commemorative 15% scale model of the W12 engine block itself.

Hewn from aluminium derived from a full-size W12 block, no less.

Which certainly trumps a framed certification of authenticity. Or HRH-embroidered travel pillow.

Alas, we can’t personally/collectively justify investing in a Bentley Speed Edition 12 per se.

But what we can - and do - routinely, er, do, is service and look after YOUR Bentley.

Be it a Continental GT, GTC, Bentayga or Flying Spur.

Something we’ve been actively engaged in for over a decade now.

Get in touch to find out more.

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