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When Volkswagen Does Something Xtreme, You’ve A Good ID.ea What’s Coming

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

You know how it is.

We’re given too much choice in this day and age, and then we can’t make a decision to save our lives. Plus, there’s the blurring of boundaries to consider as well. When something we like now tends to morph into something else we think we like, to create a vaguely familiar version of events which is no longer true to its original form and function.

We’ve Lost You, Haven’t We?

It’s the intro to the new Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept.

Which is a vision that VW has experienced of late, which essentially can’t make up its kind what it is. What it actually IS, should it eventually bear fruition, is an EV. Based on the Volkswagen ID.4. But then it doesn’t stop there.

It also wants to be an off-road vehicle. And a cross-over to boot.

Mercifully it stops short of being a convertible. For the time being at least.

Although we had kinda hoped that would have been the case with the VW T-Roc, and look what happened there the minute we turned our backs. So never say never.

So, What IS The New Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept, And Do We Want One?

It’s a preview vehicle, that’s what it fundamentally is.

It’s Veedub designers on a quiet day. Thinking aloud. As it happens, we love it when the designers have a quiet day. And think aloud. Because then things like the new Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept suddenly appears.

Imagine what the illegitimate love-child of a VW Amarok and a VW Thing might look like, and you’re pretty much bordering on Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept territory.

And sometimes what starts out life as automotive vanity projects, can subsequently converge into something more tangible.

In conversation with, the Head of VW’s MEB Product Line said something along the lines of the following; “The ID. Xtreme is made by enthusiasts at Volkswagen for ID. enthusiasts in Switzerland.”

Incidentally it was in this Locarno setting, that VW recently revealed this latest concept vehicle to the unwitting public. Continuing; “We are really eager to find out how fans of electromobility react to the vehicle.” Before concluding by saying that depending on the response from its ‘community’, will determine if and when Veedub proceed with this project.

For our two penneth, we hope the feedback is actively encouraging. Because we believe the Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept is ace, for want of a more descriptive word.

Seriously ace.

What Can I Expect to Get with The New Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept. Providing VW Actually Puts It into Production….

The aggressive off-road stance is full of suggestive purpose.

From its aluminium underbelly, modified front bumper with incorporated bull bars and extended wheel arches, through to the chunky all-terrain wheels, LED strip lights and cool roof bars.

And then there’s the eye-catching livery.

Which works for us.

All this stylish aggro is contrasted with the more measured approach to the interior. Which is resplendent in Alcantara trim with orange accents, apparently.

Other features unique to the ID. Xtreme includes a new driving noise developed by Volkswagen Design. Technically referred to as a ‘sound generator’, it’s housed inside the wheel arches. Although VW is keeping its cards close to its chest in terms of what exact noise will be emitting.

We’re hoping it’ll be more automotive rather than the call of a wildebeest, but either way it’ll alert other road users, pedestrians and cyclists as to its otherwise silent EV presence.

Whether on or off-road at the time of interaction.

Let WCC Take Care of Your Volkswagen

Just to remind you that we’re here and are fully equipped, experienced and established to carry out services, warranty work, diagnostic testing, MOT’s and the retrofitting of driving aids and security devices on ANY Volkswagen.

Be it of the internal combustion engine, hybrid or EV flavour.

To find out more - and to book in with us - get in touch today.

We don’t bite.

Unlike the new Volkswagen ID. Xtreme Concept.

Which looks like it could!

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