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Audi R8 Discontinued: The Final Hurrah as V10 Audi Supercar Reaches End of Production Road

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

It seems like (it WAS; we can confirm) only a fortnight ago that we announced Bentley and Bugatti’s final roll-out of their respective naturally-aspirated monster ‘W’ powerplants. As these two premium performers in the VW Audi Group brand portfolio change tack, and gear-up for an EV-orientated future.

Now Audi has announced that its very latest limited edition run R8 supercar, will be the last to brandish its equally momentous 5.2-litre V10 engine. As Audi confirms its next range-topping, point-it-and-squirt supercar will harness all-electric underpinnings.

New R8 GT Last Model Audi’s Iconic V10 Will Feature In

While detractors might muse that Audi itself is something of a Johnny-come-lately player in the supercar echelons (boo and hiss in the direction of these pantomime villains!), nonetheless it quickly made impressive strides in this prized sector.

Courtesy of its standalone R8.

Generating a significant following in a relatively short space of time, the Audi R8 wasted no time playing catch-up with the big hitters in the supercar sphere.

But like all good things in life, Audi’s dalliance with fossil fuel-powered supercars was destined to come to an end. As it instead it now throws its full weight behind the momentum-gathering electric revolution.

Still, we all know with Audi being Audi that an equally awesome phoenix will arise from the ashes soon enough. And it will be derived from the stunning - and admittedly, future-proof - E-tron.

Tell Me, Why Is Audi Distancing Itself from Its Imperious V10 Lump?

Because times change. Evolution calls. The planet needs saving. Etc. And Superman obviously didn’t receive the memo.

Audi however is confident that its E-tron will be well-placed to take its 'super car' challenge to its nearest rivals, as the next chapter in automotive history in the making plays out before all our eyes.

Soundbites and cliches disposed of, what can we say about this swansong Audi R8 V10 then?

Well, for one thing, it will ensure that the R8 goes out with a bang. Not to mention a ruddy cool wing, which makes its first appearance on the boot lid of the last run-out model.

With its successor being ostensibly battery-powered and taking the guise of the E-tron assemblage, the R8 GT will ensure that Ingolstadt’s last V10 will go down in a blaze of glory.

And the sort of thunderous sound that alerts the Noise Abatement Society from 10 miles distant.

Impressive Aero Wing Aside, What Else is the Bow-taking Audi R8 GT Packing?

A fair bit of aero judging by the accompanying media shots.

Most noticeably on the front bumper.

Ceramic brakes clocked in close proximity to new forged wheels are observed too. Elsewhere, bucket seats and a carbon fibre anti-roll bar are in visual evidence.

Overall power output for this rear-wheel drive R8 GT is increased to 611bhp, complete with 417lb ft of torque being made readily available to the individual in the driver’s seat at the time. Which catapults the GT to 62mph from a standing start in just 3.4 seconds.

Whilst the top speed is mooted to be somewhere north of 195mph. But interestingly not quite 200mph. Still, drift mode is a feature that Audi is keen to ‘talk up’. And all mysteriously being referred to as ‘torque rear’. Describing the 7 levels of rear-axle slippage on tap which

Audi boffins have coded in and facilitated via a dedicated dial on the steering wheel.

With 333 R8 GT’s produced, exclusivity is set to be optimised from the get-go. That being said, with an estimated cost of £200k, the potential buyers' market will dwindle some more by its release in the UK early in 2023.

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