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All-new Skoda Epiq: First Pictures

Just days after bemoaning the untimely demise of the Skoda Yeti on our social media channels, we bring exciting news.

No, the much-missed SUV crossover hasn’t been resurrected, alas. 

However, a brand new EV SUV crossover HAS arisen, phoenix-like from the ashes in a way that the Karoq simply hasn’t.

And we couldn’t be any more excited if (insert things which make you giddy with excitement HERE).

Tell Me More About The Skoda Epiq

As yet the Skoda Epiq remains just a technical design study, although reputed sources suggest that this is pretty much what the finished article will physically manifest as on its official release next year

This first look at Skoda’s all-new compact SUV is very much a sight for sore eyes.

Rugged, urban and with a front and rear grille that seems to have been inspired by the top of a toaster, Skoda has described its baby SUV EV as ‘powerful’ and ‘functional’.

Stopping just short of calling it the arbiter of world peace and/or the ‘new Gazza’. 

About that ‘toaster vibe', though, and it’s found at the core of the brand’s new ‘modern solid’ design language.  And wait for it, Skoda wants us to henceforth refer to this as the Tech-Deck face.

Remind us. What were we just saying about unpretentious descriptions and fanciful claims by car manufacturers when talking about the launch of new products?

That Aside Though….

What the Skoda Epiq makes is a pleasant change from the same-old faceless SUVs which now blot the driving landscape. And seemingly morph into one another if you so much as squint slightly. 

And it’s that ethos that marked the Yeti out from a similar SUV marketplace before it met its maker back in 2017.

Which makes little sense whatsoever, on account that the Yeti’s ‘maker’ was the Skoda manufacturing facility from whence it came. So it wouldn’t be going back there in any way, shape or form.

Anyway, Moving On…

Addressing the aesthetics, and the rear quarter view is arguably the Skoda Epiq's most handsome aspect.

We’re transfixed by the manner in which the rear bumper lip merges so seamlessly into the rear light configuration.

Dimensionally-speaking, the Skoda Epiq shares roughly the same floorspace as the Volkswagen T-Cross

What we also love is the silver and orange accents.

All these clean lines and colours lending a sort of space-age ambience to Skoda proceedings. Interior peaks inform the curious that both minimalism and utilitarianism were the design fundamentals followed to the letter, affording the front seat occupants an unfussy and uncluttered dashboard space which centres around a free-floating console.

Meanwhile, the materials lavished into the cabin are durable and sustainable according to goss, while the two-spoke steering wheel is very ‘Jetsons’.

And all the more appealing for it.

A panoramic roof ensures maximum light will flood into the car, as well as evoke an air of spaciousness.

Additional Skoda touches in the realms of the all-new Epiq include bag hooks, an ice scraper and umbrella. Because as we all know from past experiences, that’s just what Skoda do, right.

And The Power Source And Range?....

Under the lid, specifics regarding the electric motor and battery size remain scant, save to say that Skoda insists that the Epiq will cover some 248 miles between charges. Whilst said charging platform will be bi-directional. 

Which translated for the benefit of analogue minds means that the battery will power external devices AND bolster home electricity networks.

Which is pretty nifty. 

Anything Else We Should Know At This Juncture?

The Epiq will front (and rear) Skoda’s new word badge. As opposed to the traditional emblem/crest/logotype we’re more familiar with. 

Oh, and it’s set to cost interested parties in the region of £21k on its release in 2025. 

We’d love to know YOUR initial thoughts on the all-new Skoda Epiq in the comments section below.

In The Meantime….

In the meantime, if your Skoda anything requires servicing, diagnostics, general repairs, warranty work or an MOT, be sure to talk to our team

With a wealth of Skoda specialist experience to draw on, our technicians are well versed in literally anything and everything Skoda, while all servicing work is uploaded to the official Skoda database to preserve customer’s warranties.

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