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ABT Audi RS3-R. Bringing Sporty Back

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

If you like your Audi’s more supersonic than semisonic*, then we have just the model to give the driver more wings than Red Bull. Only it’s green in colour. VERY green. VERY Hulk. Very Audi RS3-R Sportback.

ABT is a name familiar to our sister company, Wirral Customer Campers, which undertakes VW campervan conversions. Because many of the Veedubs have had ABT Sportsline exterior makeovers. Courtesy of spoilers, splitters, rear diffusers, etc.

However, when ABT isn’t vacuum-moulding plastics and fiberglass to enhance the appearance of campervans, they’re busying themselves by finding new and interesting ways to actively encourage even more power out of already quick Audi’s and the like.

Which is exactly what ABT has done in this latest instance.

Teasing some 493bhp from the previously un-fettled power plant, this grants the engine an increase in bhp of 99 horses in old money. And significantly, a 39bhp improvement over ABT’s most potent upgrade for five-cylinder vehicles to date.

Such power gains result in statement-making performance figures as expected. At full chat, the ABT RS3-R will acknowledge 174mph. While the 0 - 62mph sprint will be noted in the blink of an eye. Or technically, 3.3 seconds.

Dark Matter Makes The RS3-R Go Round. Ish

The ABT RS3-R summons up all of its extra power on tap, not from dark matter as first thought. But rather a new ECU. In conjunction with an upgraded ABT intercooler and injection system. Despite being replete with a new quad poking out from its rear quarters, the exhaust is standard fit.

As well as powertrain, chassis and styling have also received the once over from ABT. Suspension having been lowered on new springs, teamed with a strut-brace adding stiffness. There’s even tweakable dampers, for those after a more hands on approach to adaptive set-ups.

Did Someone Over-order The Carbon Fibre?

Nope. It’s ABT we’re talking about here.

So elsewhere, the package is textbook ABT. With carbon fibre accoutrements putting in more appearances than a Z list celeb at a letter-opening ceremony. You name it/point at it. Bumpers, sills, rear spoiler, etc, etc.

And that’s before we even start on the new 20” alloys, and an explosion of interior upgrades.

Exclusivity is pretty well starred too. Thanks to a very low production run of a mere 200 units, the ABT RS3-R will have rarity value from the outset. Along with a lot** of carbon fiber-yness.

WCC R RS3-friendly 2

We're no strangers to the presence of Audi RS3's. We've worked on our fair share of them over recent years. And consider ourselves big fans. So much so, that they're almost labours of love.

If you own ANY model of Audi, with sporting credentials or otherwise, please don't hesitate to have a chat with our team at your convenience. We're here to discuss your servicing, diagnostic, warranty work, MOT and device retrofitting requirements, and subsequently book your vehicle in as and when required.

*Semisonic is a band. So, not sure the tenuous connection there, but we like it, so we’re sticking with it.


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