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Why You Should Book Your Next Service With WCC If You Own VW & Audi Group Vehicle

In this blog WCC debunks a myth which is commonly held amongst many VW & Audi Group car owners. And that’s one surrounding the question of protecting your warranty if and when you choose to take your newer model to an independent VW & Audi specialist. As opposed to a main dealer. 

This quandary is especially important if you’ve recently purchased a Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley or Porsche. As one of the North West’s leading independent VW & Audi specialists, WCC‘s servicing provisions benefit the owners of all makes and models within the VAG brand line-up. As much drivers of box fresh models, as those who’ve owned their vehicles more long term.

Surprisingly, a large percentage of owners of recently acquired VW & Audi Group vehicles are mistakenly led to believe that they risk voiding their existing warranty agreement with the dealer by looking elsewhere for servicing and repairs. 

But the fact of the matter is, this couldn’t be further removed from the truth. 

WCC Set Record Straight About How Independent VW Audi Specialist Servicing Benefits Customers and Preserves Manufacturer Warranty 

We understand any confusion. And how you might have arrived at this notion.

You might have felt that the T’c & C’s of your warranty could be jeopardised in the event that you take your car somewhere other than the main dealer when it’s servicing time. And that ultimately you’ll compromise the integrity of the arrangement you have in place with the dealership from where you bought your car.

But you’d be wrong. 

There is no hard and fast agreement as such between yourself and a dealer once you make your purchase. Not in terms of where you go thereafter to service your car. That decision is entirely up to you as the vehicle’s new owner.

Are You Sure?

100% positive. 

Whether you’ve purchased your new VW Golf or Audi A3 on finance with the dealer, or arranged a PCP package which works in with your budgetary requirements, the bottom line is that bringing it to WCC for any servicing won’t negatively affect your manufacturer’s warranty in the slightest. And that the popular misconception that a warranty will be voided if a car owner takes their vehicle anywhere other than the main dealer is just that. 

Trust us. We speak from a wealth of experience in these matters. 

Be it for an inspection service, oil service, Haldex service, fixed servicing schedules or our long-life service provisions, book your later year model VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley or Porsche in with us, and you won’t lose anything.

Sleep, peace of mind, and certainly not your warranty cover nor money. 

As at WCC we ensure that each and every service we carry out complies rigidly with the manufacturer standards, and not only matches, but surpasses the expectations you’d have of a main dealer. Which is what we compare ourselves with; as have our loyal customers.

Essentially, WCC provides a like-for-like service and customer experience. Yet the advantage to you is that this comes at a significantly more competitive price than a main dealer. Which we explain in more detail as you read on. 

Why Do I Get The Choice In The First Place?

That’s thanks to the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation in 2003. Which enables motorists to exercise the freedom to choose their favoured independent specialist for their vehicle servicing and maintenance requirements. 

Just How Likely Are Car Owners to Opt for Independent Specialists to Service Their Car Over a Main Dealer?

Stats can’t be argued with. And in 2018 research found that some 70% of UK motorists would choose their local independent specialist over a main dealer. Which reflects just how far independents have come in a relatively short space of time. While reminding VW & Audi Group car owners just how trusted we are by customers who wish to be treated with courtesy, respect and honesty, yet underpinned by unrivalled professionalism. 

What Are Benefits of Independent VW & Audi Specialist Servicing For Me?

There are many, and beneath we highlight a few of the primary examples.

WCC Fosters A Sense of Community

Car owners tend to trust their local independents more than the often impersonable and corporate front of a main dealer. Where you can feel like a number, rather than an individual. Not so here at WCC. We take a deal of pride in our personable approach and disposition. Coupled with the aforementioned level of professionalism comparable to any main VW & Audi Group dealership.

Something we’ve acquired over the decade or more we’ve been serving the needs of both local and regional customers. Customers who we’ve made it our business to get to know, and build relationships with over a period of time. Repeat custom and word of mouth speaks volumes. Always has, and always will do. If in any doubt, check out our Google Reviews

WCC Has Time For Every Customer

Main dealerships are all about high volume turnover, while in contrast here at WCC our mantra is one of quality and not quantity per se. Our technicians spend longer working on our customer’s vehicles, and focus on one vehicle at a time.

WCC is Flexible and Adaptable

We typically book up to a fortnight in advance, however it’s possible to create availability at short notice if a customer’s needs are more timely than that. We appreciate that things can happen with cars unexpectedly and we will do all we can to ensure that your concerns are dealt with ASAP.

WCC Provides Cost Effective Solutions

Due to having lower overheads than large, franchised main dealers, we can pass on these savings to our customers. By offering competitively priced alternatives to main dealers doesn’t mean that skills and experience of those technicians working on your vehicle are ever compromised however. On the contrary. Most of our team originally trained with main dealers and brought that wealth of manufacturer know-how and aptitude with them. 

WCC Only Use Genuine Manufacturer Parts On Your Vehicle

Unless that is, you request a high quality generic alternative part, instead of branded, to bring prices down even more. Something a dealership wouldn’t normally afford you the choice of. 

Anything We’ve Forgotten to Mention? 

Only that WCC provides a range of courtesy cars. No less than a main dealer would.

And that pretty much sums up how things are. WCC offers MORE rather than LESS. Of everything. 

So, if you’re looking for a real, viable servicing alternative to VW & Audi Group main dealers that you now know for sure won’t invalidate your manufacturer warranty, then get in touch with WCC to arrange a booking today. Which apart from standing for Wirral Car Care might as easily read as, ‘Warranty, Cost and Convenience’. The holy trinity of why you should let us be responsible for ALL your vehicle servicing needs.

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