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Wednesday Weekly News Round-up

We’re back again with more automotive industry tidbits to rouse your interest and furnish your grey matter. On this occasion we take a look at the very latest Volkswagen Audi Group news emerging from VW, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche. While also reminding you about the global chips crisis.

Of the non-fishy variety.

Although speaking of sea life, find out what Audi is doing to save marine life (all will be revealed)....

VW Continuing to Pick-up On The EV Vibe

They’re all getting in on the act these days.

Including Tesla, with maverick Elon Musk’s not-long-revealed ‘future-proof’ CyberTruck. As well as Hummer's mooted EV and the hotly-anticipated Rivian example of the genre. So it was only ever going to be a matter of time before Volkswagen ventured down that whole contemporary-powered pick-up road. After all, VW has ‘previous’ in the form and function of the erstwhile Caddy pick-up.

And of course in more recent times, the mighty Amarok.

So, behold the concept observed hereabouts which is doing the internet rounds right now. An affordable electric pick-up that will of course borrow heavily from the ever-expansive ID range of electric tech that’s continuing to blaze an impressive trail.

The bad news for pick-up fans with ‘leccy aspirations here in the UK, is that this potential forward-thinking utility vehicle will only (probably) be available on the other side of the Atlantic if/when launched. And will be vying for sales with established Stateside commercial vehicle bruisers which have also recently transitioned to the EV side.

Most notably the Ford F-150 Lightning and Cadillac Silverado.

Brand New Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Looks and Sounds Like Liquidised Kermit!


Remember them?

If you’re anything like us, the chances are you had posters of the Countach festooning your childhood bedroom wall.

Well, all these years later, they are now part of the Volkswagen AG. But that’s done nothing to diminish the sheer ludicrousness of what constitutes a bona fide Lambo. Which leads us nicely to the brand new Huracan Tecnica. Images of which have just been released.

This 5.2-litre, 631bhp monster shares the same tuned Huracan engine found lurking beneath the bodywork of the STO. Which means it’s rapid (0 - 62mph sprint time of an internal organ-rearranging 3.2 secs).

As well as green. Very green.

Greener than a Kermit the Frog smoothie.

Lurid colour and speeds aside, Lamborghini also says that the Tecnica provides some 35% more downforce than the EVO. Said downforce is determined by the redesigned front splitter. Which forms part of the entirely new front bumper which has taken physical inspiration from the wacky Terzo Millennio’s Ypsilon design blueprint.

Or should that be a greenprint.

Which also stretches to envelope an air curtain and a full carbon fibre bonnet.

This is EXACTLY the type of latest Volkswagen Audi Group news you're wanting to read about, isn't it.

Globe’s Best-selling Audi Model To Be Reborn

Audi is doing the unthinkable. Redesigning its best-selling car. That’s the automotive equivalent of the Rolling Stones getting rid of Mick Jagger and replacing him with Michael Buble (i.e, unheard of). Possibly.

The new-look Q5 when released, will also be acknowledged as one of the company’s last new models to pack an internal combustion engine. The eventual phasing out of ICE, and subsequent replacing with EV’s is well underway in Ingoldstadt’s plans.

It’s anticipated that the reimagined Q5 will offer both front and four-wheel-drive drivetrain layouts, while mild-hybrid petrol and diesel options - together with a spread of plug-in hybrids - will continue to generate the all-important power.

But Back To Those Looks And Where The Differences Will Be Plain To See….

Visually, the reinvention of the Q5 will reflect the E-tron electric brethren. With Audi remaining tight-lipped about the actual physical manifestation of its Q5 reboot. Suffice to alluding to aesthetics mimicking that of the E-tron set-ups.

The only tangible flashes of where the design language could take us is via the front end. Revisions captured by our friends over at suggest a comprehensively reconfigured front. Illustrated by the presence of a more compact grille, along with new, streamlined air-intake and headlight designs.

You after more of the Latest Volkswagen Audi Group news? If so, read on….

Porsche and Audi Close to Making Formula One Bows With Red Bull and McLaren Respectively

Porsche teaming up with Formula One pace-setters, Red Bull sounds like a match made in heaven on paper. Yet it’s edging closer to being the real deal, as Volkswagen AG looks at various avenues into the lucrative world of F1.

Elsewhere in the VW brand portfolio, it’s also not such a closely guarded secret that Audi is working towards some sort of collaboration with fellow Formula 1 power-players, McLaren.

Whilst both are still relatively hush-hush in terms of official tone, both potential deals are seen as no-brainers. With Volkswagen’s journey to the modern Formula One fold being signposted for a few years now.

Fans of both VAG brands and Formula One can only imagine just what future GP race cars might look and more importantly, sound like once the gloves are finally off in the next few seasons.

Watch this space for any more details in the coming weeks….

Meanwhile, Audi Is Busy Saving the Dolphins….

As well as being at the forefront of EV development, Audi is also busying itself of late by way of saving marine life.

Boffins at Audi are working out how to prevent harmful materials infiltrating our delicate ecosystems, and piloting ways to specifically filter out one of the current scourges of society; the omnipresent microplastics.

And doing this where they’re created.

And Audi is doing this by collaborating with the University of Berlin and engineering filters for streets, drains and sewers to put an end to both tyre and road debris from making unseen journeys which ultimately end in our soil, rivers and oceans. These dedicated filters also seek to capture cigarette ends, wrappers, cleaning waste and other plastic granules, measuring up to 3mm in size.

Apparently in Germany alone some 110,000 metric tonnes of microplastics end up on the streets annually.

When The Chips Are Down (Which They Currently Are)...

As if we didn’t already realise just how much we all rely on microchips to power our VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s, SEAT’s, Bentley’s and Porsche’s. Now highlighted by the worldwide shortage of chips for Volkswagen’s. Courtesy of a perfect storm of an enduring global pandemic and war in Europe.

Together with the continued fall-out from Brexit, probably.

Automotive experts are predicting that improvements will not come to bear until 2024 at the earliest, as supply finally catches up with on-going demand. Volkswagen’s head honchos recently admitted that the shortfall in semiconductor chips is the result of supply chain bottlenecks.

And when you're done with catching up on all the latest Volkswagen Audi Group news.....

WCC Neston Is Always Here

Thankfully, here at WCC Neston we’re not experiencing any current issues which inconvenience our customers. On the contrary. It’s very much a case of business as usual after the Easter Bank Holiday, and continuing to serve the local and regional Volkswagen AG vehicle-owning community.

Offering the full range of servicing for all VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s, SEAT’s, Porsche’s and Bentley’s (including inspection, oil and gearbox), we also specialise in completing warranty work, MOT’s and the retrofitting of driving aid/security devices.

Get in touch with us today for an informal chat about your particular requirements, and to book an appointment time to have the work carried out on your car. Work, which when referring to our customer’s newer vehicles, both honours and preserves manufacturer warranties.

Whilst ensuring that all digital servicing records are instantly updated online.

Check back soon for much more of the latest Volkswagen Audi Group news…

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