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WCC Bi-Weekly Wednesday Round-up

Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news in your blog each Wednesday

Each fortnight from now on we’ll be rounding-up Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news every alternate Wednesday. In terms of the very latest industry headlines. And focusing on the core manufacturers on whose vehicles we routinely work on here at WCC. Volkswagen AG stalwarts including Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Porsche

This is in addition to informing you of all the on-going and brand new services and offers we provide in-house. And in relation to the abovementioned vehicles from throughout the VAG range. The ones which YOU own and drive.

This first WCC Bi-Weekly Wednesday Round-up takes a bitesize look at some of the breaking stories making website column inches around the internet these past fourteen days. On this occasion, encompassing Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news from Bentley, Porsche, Skoda and Audi.

Bentley EV concept, Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news

(image courtesy of

Bentley Will Launch Firm’s First Ever EV in 2025

If only a decade or so back someone had said that Bentley would be building electric vehicles sooner rather than later, then eyebrows might have been raised in certain quarters. After all, Bentley represents that bastion of all-things quintessentially luxurious.

Unswervingly sumptuous.

And largely opulent.

However, Bentley also has liked to do things very differently since being taken over by the Volkswagen Group. Adopting very modern engineering principles. Not to mention, design language and general forward-thinking approaches. Yet conversely retaining its traditional aesthetic throughout its more recent evolution. 

And now, like all automotive manufacturers wishing to remain at the vanguard of irreversible changes, Bentley has officially announced its intentions to ensure that it’s future-proof. With confirmation of its debut all-electric vehicle, slated for launch in just three years from now.

What’s more, Bentley has gone even further than that. By revealing its plans to be an EV-only brand. Bringing about an end to the production of fossil fuelled luxury vehicles by 2030. 

Watch this space to see just what Bentley’s much-anticipated EV might look like nearer the time, in future Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news blogs. That being said, our friends over at Autocar have released concept designs which without doubt comprise the ‘wow!’ factor.

Porsche 911 Baja overlander

The Porsche Hybrid That Nobody Expected

Who’s never dreamed of owning/driving a more off-road version of the iconic Porsche 911?

After all, the 911 is many wonderful things to all men and women. Yet amongst those ‘many wonderful things’, off-grid capabilities aren’t typically listed prominently.

Until now that is.

Nevermind, a 911.

This is a car which fuses performance and luxury. With a more blood and guts approach to taking detours. 

It’s not entirely difficult to understand why/how though. When confronted with the sight of the Baja.

Replete with bull bars, oversized rally headlamps, jacked up suspension, huge mudflaps, swamper-esque wheels. And a raft of fit for purpose Paris-Dakar-spec extras across its surface areas.

Derived from a 1991-built Porsche 911, the drivetrain in this monster comes courtesy of a Rothsport Racing flat-six powerplant. Bored out from 3.6-litres to 3.8-litres. The body has naturally been fettled to adopt Colin Chapman’s legendary Lotus mantra of eradicating any needless weight. An ethos more recently shared by the McLaren F1 designer, and all-round lightweight guru, Gordon Murray.

What you see now is the ultimate ‘overlander’ hybrid. Which brings together pretty much every aspect of motoring you could ever desire. Under the one instantly familiar roofline.

You’re interested, aren’t you…..

Skoda OHC Coupe, Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news

Skoda Rebuilds Historic Racing Car To Mark Motorsport Milestone

It’s not exactly a Skoda Rapide Coupe, is it.

Although said Skoda was no shirker of WRC duties when called upon back in the day.

Only you have to journey much farther back through the mists of motorsport time to recall this particular Skoda. The late 1950’s to be closer to the mark.

The 1100 OHC Coupe has been painstakingly recreated utilising the original frame, chassis and engine. While also referring to historical documentation, so as to make it a working reality. 

The collaborative project brought together the combined talents of Skoda Museum’s restoration workshop, and the manufacturer’s Prototype Centre. The resultant 2-seater roadster we can all agree being a thing of infinite automotive beauty. 

With only 2 original examples remaining in existence, it was always going to be something of an ambitious project from the outset. And a little help was required from more contemporary sources so that the coupe could actually see fruition. Including some switches and an ignition lock borrowed from an erstwhile Octavia

We suggest you follow the link to find out more about this gorgeous retro-modded Skoda coupe.

Audi Q2 to be discontinued

And finally in Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news………

Ingolstadt has just announced both will be discontinued once they reach the end of their current production runs. As the German car-maker concentrates instead on larger models in its current and future range. 

As a premium marquee, Audi’s head honchos are committed to streamlining its smaller, more entry-level vehicle portfolio. And conversely expand on its top end models going forward. Which will of course include numerous EV’s.

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, etc.

When We’re Not Bringing You Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturer news, WCC Services All Makes and Models of Volkswagen Audi Group Vehicles

Of course, WCC will always be happy working on both A1’s and Q2’s. As we are routinely servicing customers’ Bentley’s, Skoda’s and Porsche’s

Perhaps you’re looking to have manufacturer servicing work carried out on your Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle. Be it an inspection, oil or gearbox service. Or require diagnostics. Maybe the retrofitting of driver aid and car security devices. Alternatively to arrange an MOT or general repairs.

Either way, please get in touch with us to arrange a booking at your convenience.

And continue reading our Wednesday News Round-ups hereon in….

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