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WCC Bi-Weekly Wednesday Round-up

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Delivering all your latest Volkswagen AG news each and every Wednesday

We’re back once again with more Volkswagen AG news.

Rounding up this past fortnight’s headlines from everything VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Porsche.

This time we’re taking a bitesize look at the very latest goings on at Audi and Skoda. While also dipping our toes in with some fascinating snippets of news, courtesy of every petrolhead’s favourite Porsche-but-not-Porsche automotive firm (i.e, Singer) and celebrity-focused Lamborghini chat. 


Cargo ship transporting thousands of luxury VW Audi Group vehicles on fire in Atlantic Ocean

Before any of that – and speaking of water – and, conversely, fire – we kick off with alarming Volkswagen AG news. Especially alarming if you live in North America. And recently put the deposit down on an expensive Porsche or Lamborghini. Which you were waiting to be shipped across the Atlantic

It’s enough to reduce grown men and women to tears. The sight of a cargo ship packed to the gunnels with thousands of luxury VW Audi Group vehicles ablaze in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. But that’s precisely what happened last week, as the ‘Felicity Ace’ was engulfed with flames. 

Thankfully all the crew were quickly rescued from the burning ship. However nothing could be done to salvage the £290 million pounds’ worth of automotive goods that were destined for North American shores – and subsequent customers – on board. 

According to various media reports, some 4,000 Volkswagen AG vehicles were on board at the time. With a Porsche spokesperson confirming that ‘a number’ of its expensive cars were among the cargo. 

While the cause of the blaze remains unclear at this time, the longevity of the fire is being perpetuated by the fact that many of the cars are EV’s. With the potentially explosive nature of the batteries helping to fan the flames, as such. 

End Of The Road For Audi A4 Allroad And A6 Allroad In UK

Weekly Volkswagen AG news hears of discontinuation of UK sales for Audi Allroad models

Next up, and the shocker that Audi has decided to discontinue new UK sales of its impressive Audi Allroad. In both A4 and A6 guises. Unfortunately, as impressive as these jacked-up estate cars are, sales in recent years failed to reflect this.

In 2021 Audi sold just 292 A4 Allroad models from new. While the A6 version fared even worse. Wth the ‘go-anywhere’ load-lugger managing to shift a mere 256 units, equating to 4.4% of A6 sales.  

Barely a fortnight since Ingolstadt announced the equally surprising news that it’s bringing down the curtains on production of the A1 and Q2 models once current production runs conclude, now this Volkswagen AG news bombshell.

Still, at WCC we’re here to service, MOT, fault diagnose and generally look after your Audi A4 and A6 Allroads as long as you own an example. As well as all A1’s and Q2’s. 

New Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Set To Distract From Absence of vRS in Revised Range

New Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo caretakes in absence of vRS model

(image courtesy of

It’s been some time since we’ve seen a next generation Skoda Fabia vRS (although we’ve welcomed many in its previous incarnations at WCC). And it’s going to be a while longer until we feast our eyes on another iteration of the vRS in Fabia flavour and form. 

In the meantime, Skoda is tickling our taste buds with its latest take on the luke-warm hatch that is the Fabia Monte Carlo

Punching almost above its weight with some 148bhp, this  plucky 1.5-litre Monte Carlo in vRS clothing is certainly no slouch. With official figures confirming that this TSi-engine ‘Evo’ unit is the quickest version of the Fabia since the last vRS. Just 8 seconds covering the 0 – 62mph sprint. And a top speed nudging 140mph. So it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Indeed, by way of compensation for the lack of traditional top-ranging vRS-ness, Skoda has given owners of the new Monte Carlo model a door brolly. Akin to a Rolls-Royce

Elsewhere, there’s a lot of black themes throughout the smart and sassy Monte Carlo. Exterior-wise, we’re referring to the radiator grille, mirror caps, rear diffuser and side skirt trim. And completed with contrasting 17” Procyon alloys, this non-vRS Fabia definitely looks fit for hot hatch-ery purpose. 

Porsche 911 Turbo ‘Singer’-ing It From The Rooftops

Is it a Porsche, or is it a Singer? It's the latter of course

(image courtesy of

If you haven’t seen the images of this work of automotive art, then it’s fair to assume that your address is 1 The Rock, Rock Street, Rockville, Rockland. And that’s because of the omnipresence of Singer’s very latest interpretation of a Porsche classic. 

This time of asking (did anyone actually ask? – yet if so, massive high fives all round) the inspiring Californian dreamers/re-imaginers have trained their eyes on the 911 Turbo. The one off of the 1980s. Yup, iconic whale tail included

Representing the first time that Singer has constructed a road-going turbocharged, air-cooled 911, its ‘design study-turned-reality’ shares many additional similarities with the original. Like for example its flat-six petrol engine. Albeit with a displacement from 3.6-litres to 3.8-litres. 

This latest ‘restomod’ pays homage to the Porsche Type 964 Turbo to appease any ‘Professors of Porsche’ reading this. All that power is directed to the rear wheels courtesy of a new six-speed manual gearbox. On which note, Singer will even go as far as to fit this new/old model 911 with four-wheel-drive. If individually requested by would-be owners. Despite the underlying fact that the original blueprint was never offered with this factory option back in the day.

Still. Forward thinking and all that.

Speaking of which. Will Singer venture down the EV route any time soon we wonder?

In other relatable Volkswagen AG news, we enjoyed a visit from a classic Porsche just this week. In the shape of a regular customer’s pristine Porsche 944. That came in with a fan issue which we quickly resolved. Before giving it an MOT and sending it on its way.

Stop Press! Beyonce Owns a ‘Rambo Lambo’

Our weekly Volkswagen AG news reveals that Beyonce owns a Lambo LM002

(image courtesy of Beyonce/Instagram)

Of all the celebs you WOULDN’T think owned a Lamborghini LM002, we’d hazard a/an (admittedly uneducated) guess that Beyonce would figure pretty high up most people’s lists. But like us, fellow conclusion-jumpers would be wrong. 

As it turns out, self-styled Queen B is very partial to Lamborghini’s ultimate off-road vehicle.

The one before the Urus stole Lambo’s off-road thunder.

And we know this because prior to the recent SuperBowl Final, Beyonce posted a photo on her Instagram account of her standing in front of her impressive three-car garage. Before leaving to attend the biggest sports show on planet earth.

And there – shocking juxtaposed with a classic Mercedes-Benz SL and a cool Chevrolet El Camino – was the ‘Rambo Lambo’. So-called as Hollywood royalty, Sly Stallone is known to be a huge fan of the LM002. A rugged, military-grade 4×4 vehicle the prancing bull manufactured between 1986 and 1993. A place where both style and substance more collide, than simply meet. 

Along with hubby, Jay-Z, Beyonce’s car collection is also said to envelope a Chevy C1 Corvette, a Bentley Continental GTB and a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

The latter two – like the brutalist Lambo – feature prominently as Volkswagen Audi Group brands. 

Back at WCC HQ…..

Red Porsche 944 in with a fan fault

Away from Volkswagen AG news, and it’s a typically fast and furious week here at WCC HQ. With a whole host of Volkswagen’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s, Seat’s and Porsche’s keeping the team very busy with countless inspection, oil and gearbox servicing, diagnostic and warranty work and MOT’s

If your VAG vehicle requires anything carried out on it, big or small, then be sure to contact us to book in

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