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VW Specialists, WCC Put Your Vehicle on Diagnostic, Servicing and Repair Fast Track

VW specialists ensure your car is back on the road quickly

The Formula 1 British GP took place this last weekend. So first up, a massive shout out to Lewis Hamilton. Who chalked up an incredible 8th British GP win. Albeit in controversial circumstances, according to the media. At the same time, talks between current and future Formula 1 engine providers took place. With rumours of VW potentially playing a pivotal role in foreseeable engine developments in the next few years. As respected VW specialists, WCC are thrilled to read of such ideas being bandied around. Not least, because we love to watch fast and skilful driving. Which also explains/justifies why we’ve just left this alternative little video right here.

Red Bull was reportedly keen to listen to what VW Group-owned Porsche and Audi wanted to say at the meeting. Arranged to discuss – amongst other topics on the agenda – future F1 powerplants and providers. Scheduled to take place at this weekend’s Silverstone Grand Prix.

However, WCC has been casting our minds back, rather than forward. 

VW and Audi Specialists Ask: Is VAG Group About to Enter The World of F1? 

Of course, that’s not to say as VW and Audi specialists we’re not massively excited at the prospect of VW throwing its motorsport hat into the F1 ring. It goes without saying that we’re huge Formula One fans

To have engines provided by a manufacturer who powers the more everyday of cars we’ve all experienced at some key point in our lives, would instantly connect us all to any Formula 1 team which might embrace Volkswagen powertrains. Red Bull, or otherwise.

Paris – Silverstone – The Wirral. VW is a Global Family Which WCC Are Very Much an Integral Part of

Yet when it comes to track-based adrenalin fixes, even the enthralling and dangerously addictive world of F1 takes a back seat to the endorphin-releasing appeal of this raw and unfiltered video. One you may, or may not have seen. 

Even by modern day CGI standards. Where imagined thrills are easily attainable if you’ve got access to a range of internet-ready devices. This iconic 8-minute video takes some beating. 

There’s Legendary Car Films, And Then There’s This….

Famously recorded sometime in 1976 on the streets of Paris; this almost mythical footage of a car driving fast and furiously definately breaks a few rules of the French equivalent of the Highway Code. But more than that, it never seems to age. In fact, it only ever matures. Like a fine French red wine. Serving to remind us all of the swaggering confidence and vision of the driver/director.

With simulator-like quality when it comes to the viewer being put in the driving seat, the vintage element of this camera piece is more akin to 32-bit arcade games than the 4G-primed reality which entertains us in 2021. However, it stands as absolute inspiration for successions of console games and motoring celebrity/Formula 1 driver-endorsements and reenactments which followed.

And to think. This single-take footage was captured in a pre-Go Pro landscape….

So, What’s This, Arguably the Best Car Movie Ever, All About?

In a nutshell, it focuses solely on a dash across the French capital during the early hours of a Sunday morning in August ‘76. The instantly recognisable roads are mercifully empty during a French national holiday. Which is just as well. When observing that red lights are casually ignored. Streets are negotiated the wrong way. And centre lines are routinely crossed.

No surprise then, that the video was met with much controversy and falsely circulated rumours. 

Are We Watching a Ferrari, Being One of The Questions? 

No, we’re not. Despite as VW specialists recognising the familiar engine sound of a 275GTB being dubbed over the film, the actual car being driven belonged to the controversial director, Claude Lelouch. Namely, a 6.9-litre V8 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL

According to the director himself, the more forgiving suspension was better suited to some of Paris’ cobbled streets than the ‘other’ car Lelouch owned at the time of filming. An example of the aforementioned Ferrari. Handy for post-production audio, obviously.

Another myth debunked, was that it wasn’t an F1 driver behind the wheel of the Merc. As widely believed for years afterwards. But rather the director himself, en route to meeting his girlfriend on the other side of Paris. 

Make a Rendez-VW With WCC 

Whatever road surfaces you encounter when driving. Be it experienced on the daily work or school commute. Heading off on a staycation road trip. On a supermarket run. Collecting your partner on the other side of town. WCC are here to keep your Volkswagen and Audi Group vehicle in peak mechanical condition

We are past masters at carrying out repairs, servicing, diagnostics, MOTs and aftermarket security installations on a range of models. Successfully reacting to the needs of our far-reaching customer base here in the north west for a decade. 

Providing a main dealer-standard, yet wholly independent portfolio of services. Should you require any information about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website. Or phone us on, 0151 353 0100. To find out how we can promptly resolve any of your VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche or Bentley issues.

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