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VW Polo GTi is 25!

Introducing the Volkswagen Polo GTi Edition 25

1998, eh. What was that year good for?

Apart from the assembly of the International Space Station beginning, and the Good Friday Peace Agreement being accepted by all parties, you mean?

Well, a very young Michael Owen lit up the FIFA World Cup hosted by France, while (the then) US President Bill Clinton was found to have been a naughty boy.

Oh, and Volkswagen afforded European-based boy and girl racers a brand new hot hatch to get all excited about, in the guise of the freshly-launched Polo GTi.

Hard to believe that the Volkswagen Polo GTi has now been amongst us since 1998. That’s a quarter of a century ago. Just to make us all feel older than we already do.

It’s equally difficult to believe that the Polo wasn’t GTi-fied until its third reincarnation. Shame really. As just who wouldn’t have appreciated seeing the original Polo ‘bread van’ in full boy/girl racer form and functionality.

That being said, the second helping of Polo gave the watching world the G40. Which was a supercharged 1.3-litre block which certainly provided a GTi flavour of things yet to come.

Why The Polo GTi?

What’s that? You’re asking retired boy/girl racers this question?

Why not? Why should the Golf have all the GTi fun?

And let’s face it. Volkswagen eventually went to town by GTi-ing even its most compact of compact hatches. Including the much-loved Lupo. So it was only a matter of time.

In those early days, the Polo GTi lived in the formidable shadows cast by its older, bigger sibling, the Golf GTi. However, it didn’t take that long to grow into itself and start throwing its own ever-expanding weight around.

At launch all those years ago, the Polo GTi was properly ‘Alice’ after drinking the potion which made her diminutive.

Yet in more recent iterations, the Polo GTi has more Alice post-cake. And a lot of cake, to be fair. As is a recurrent hot hatch theme.

For the record, those original Polo GTi’s are rapidly becoming collectors’ cars nowadays. With prices only ever going in one direction.

Anyway, we’re not here to wax too lyrically about the Volkswagen Polo GTi and its ability to survive some 25 years. Instead we’re telling you all about the very latest version.

The 5th generation of Polo to brandish the GTi badge and feel comfortable in its own limited edition metal skin.

What Constitutes A Volkswagen Polo GTi Edition 25

It’s all about driving dynamics, apparently.

Which is purported to be ‘excellent’, thanks in no small part by the improved traction and precise handling which characterises Polo GTi models per se.

Yet is ramped up to the max in the all-new Edition 25. Aided and abetted by the inclusion of specially-tuned sports suspension which features as standard. Lowering the ride height by 15 millimetres over the normal Polo GTi, the combination of this and an electronic diff lock give this special edition a more planted feel and poise when out on the tarmac.

From an engine perspective, everything else is similar to the current, non-GTi Polo. Yet it’s the visuality where the Edition 25 comes into its own.

Sporting the iconic GTi look which personifies the Volkswagen GTi family across the board, this particular Polo adds red brake caliper and trim strips, a honeycomb design on the radiator grille and chromed tail pipes.

Elsewhere, bespoke anniversary kit and caboodle covers 18” Adelaide alloys in black gloss finish, a contrasting black roof and black exterior mirrors.

The interior of the VW Polo GTi Edition 25 rolls out the black and red themes still further, with premium sports seats and perforated black and red leather finished off with embroidered GTi logos and red ‘GTi’ lettering.

Exterior colours remain the same as those already available, with the addition of Ascot Grey.

Oh, and owners will will be constantly reminded that they are driving one of only 2,500 Polo GTi Edition 25’s manufactured, by virtue of a logo discovered on the sill panel trim. Which simply reads, ‘One of 2500.’

Say What?

We’ll leave the last word on the VW Polo GTi Edition 25 to Veedub’s Brand Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales.

A bit of a mouthful, admittedly.

Speaking specifically about the 25 year-acknowledging limited edition Polo GTi, Imelda Labbe said; “Volkswagen has a rich heritage, and the Polo is one of our most iconic vehicles.” Going on to add; “GTi fans are very important to us, and our anniversary model is a way of marking this milestone together with them: celebrating 25 years of power, performance, sportiness and fun driving in the Polo class.”

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