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Volkswagen Launches Fastest Production Golf Ever!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

And it’s not even a GTi…..

Where once it was the Golf GTi that used to be the accepted hottest of VW’s 3-door hatchbacks, times have changed.

For the past 2 decades the badge worn by the quickest of Volkswagen’s genre-spawning hot hatches has bore a different letter the the tried and tested ‘GTi’ moniker.

The ‘R’ insignia now denotes the fastest in breed, be it in 3 or 5-door guise. Remember, the Golf GTi now only comes in 5-door form too, controversially.

So, if you’re after a quick 3-door Veedub, you have to tick the Golf R box.

And why wouldn’t you.

Why Was The VW Golf R 20 Years Built?

And now, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better/faster/R-er, Wolfsburg has gone and top trumped even themselves. By engineering what is - officially - the fastest production Golf to date.

OR EVER! If you prefer your statements in caps and exclamation marks.

Sitting at the pinnacle of this, the 8th generation of the Volkswagen Golf, the’ R 20 Years’ model isn’t just a run-out celebration model like some manufacturers tend to do. With the style, very much supported by a deal of substance.

Although style-wise we are talking contrasting blue alloys and wing mirrors for a quiet start.

Yes, we did say blue alloys.

But before you sit in judgement, check out the pictures.

Sorry, to answer to your first question; the VW Golf R 20 Years has been built as a means of paying homage to the 20th anniversary of the Mk 4 Golf R32. Which initially came into being, courtesy of a VW Beetle.

But not just any VW Beetle.

Keep up at the back!

Do We Have a VW Beetle to Thank For The R 20 Years?

Indeed we do.

For it was the mid-2000’s Beetle RSi that paved the way for the inception of the R32. Not least because it housed the original 3.2-litre power plant that soon afterwards found its way into the first iteration of Golf R32, where it was almost surreptitiously shoehorned.

Does anyone recall the insane-looking/handling Beetle RSi? Complete unicorn car these days….

Nevermind The Beetle. Just How Fast Is The R 20 Years Then?

While those blue alloys and contrasting wing mirrors we mentioned might not be everyone’s cup of chi, there’s no denying that the R 20 Years is swift.

Very swift, at 328bhp.

Essentially, Volkswagen engineers have eked out an extra 13bhp from the existing R-Performance pack-equipped Golf R in normal flavour. A 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder block which drives all four wheels, with assistance from the seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

How Rare Will The Golf R 20 Years Be?

Very, in the long term.

Available to order for a limited time only, the R-Performance pack included as standard boasts torque vectoring rear differential and additional ‘Special’ and ‘Drift’ driving modes.

External features cover a roof spoiler, 19 inch rims (yes, blue - please see/read above), together with a unique ‘20’ badge on the B-pillar. As well as a ‘20 R’ puddle light when unlocking the car.

Inside the cabin, there’s carbon fibre dash and door panel inserts, with contrasting blue ‘R’ branding found on the steering wheel, sports seats and key fob.

Bring Your Performance Golf To WCC

Our talented techs have been working on fast Volkswagen Golf’s since year dot, and routinely service various generations of Golf’s enduring GTi and ‘R’ models.

Should your VW Golf (or Up! Passat, Polo, Touareg, Tiguan, T-Roc, Scirocco, etc) require ANY type of service (inspection, gearbox, oil, etc), then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of independent Volkswagen specialists.

It’s also safe to say that we’re all massive fans of all iterations of Volkswagen Golf GTI’s and R’s. A few of us having had a number of different GTi’s over the past 20 years or so. Therefore your Golf will be in safe and experienced hands throughout.

Anyway, here’s to the Golf R 20 Years.

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