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Volkswagen Announce All-new VW Taigo Coupe-SUV Crossover Model

Whoa! Who saw this one coming?! Apart from VW, obviously.

Quietly – and with very little fanfare – Volkswagen dropped this from absolutely nowhere today, as everyone  – including us – was going about their business.

What Is It?

What you’re feasting your eyes on right now is the all-new 2021 VW Taigo. Which, despite sounding like a tricky Brazilian winger, is in fact Volkswagen’s newest coupe-SUV model.

Slated to go on sale early next year, the new VW Taigo is precisely what the existing Volkswagen T-Cross would look like if it was* a coupe. So, instantaneously making it a whole lot more svelte than the German automaker’s smallest SUV ‘as is’.

And helped by the fact that it sits some 10mm lower in height than its bigger T-Cross brother, gives the Taigo an altogether more athletic profile.

What’s the Point?

Probably because VW senses a buoyant market in coupe-SUVs, so wants to keep pace with this rapidly expanding genre.

What’s the Closest Competition?

Set to duke it out with, er, Nissan’s Juke and the Renault Captur, the Taigo’s other closest rival on launch will be the Ford Puma.

Will it Be Electrified or Come in GTi Form?

No, to both queries. At least, from the get-go it won’t.

Is This Another ‘Lifestyle’ Model?

Fundamentally, yes. But being a VW means it’s a lot more than simply a design statement. Rumoured to be made available in four trim levels, the new VW Taigo has a choice of visually arresting exterior paint jobs to choose from. With a dedicated focus on personalisation, this compact coupe-like SUV crossover is unswervingly targeting the lifestyle buyers.

Is This The Bit Where We Discuss Design Language Then?

No. But we would like to point out that our favourite exterior design colour/pack is this deliciously green option. Perhaps unsurprisingly it is called, ‘Visual Green’. This unique colourway can also be complimented by the official ‘Visual Green’ design pack, which sees a green insert to the dash and contrasting green stitching liberally peppering the cabin.

Otherwise, the interior lay-out is essentially a carbon copy of the current VW Polo. Which is no bad place to find yourself.

What’s That, The Taigo Looks Familiar?

Not unless you’ve been to South America any time recently, it doesn’t. As that’s the only place where the Taigo’s SUV influencer has ever been seen before in the metal. Namely the Volkswagen Nivus SUV. That being said, VW is keen to point out that it has technologically adapted the car for the European market.”

What’s All This Mean to Me?

Nothing right now, as the all-new VW Taigo isn’t released for another six months yet. But here’s a quick reminder that here at WCC we provide a range of automotive services for your Volkswagen. However retro, contemporary or box-fresh new it is. You name it, and our experienced technicians will service, repair, fault-diagnose, MOT and/or install aftermarket security and driver aids to it.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you and your Volkswagen.

*soon to be reborn as

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