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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

very latest VW Audi Group news

STOP PRESS!……We’ve changed our Bi-weekly Wednesday Round-up to a new format. Which now delivers the very latest VW Audi Group news each and EVERY week. Only on varying days.

And we’ve catchily re-titled it; ‘VAG News’.

The gist remains the same, of course.

Compiling bitesize news pieces relating directly to the manufacturers that WCC Neston’s technicians work on week in, week out. And those that comprise the key automotive companies which fall under the Volkswagen AG umbrella. All of which we believe will be of interest to you.

Our customers.

In this week’s very latest VW Audi Group news blog we look at tantalising new images of both a new luxo EV estate from Audi, and a future-proof VW saloon straight from the stills of ‘Blade Runner’. As well as an out-of-this-world Bentley and a Porsche art car. 


It was only ever going to be Audi or Volvo, wasn’t it?

And the winner of the prize for the first automotive manufacturer to officially launch an EV estate goes to the former. Well, Porsche might have something to say on that score. If you’re talking Taycan 4 Cross Turismo.

But that’s another story.

Inglostadt has definitely usurped Volvo (or anyone else planning to unveil an electrically-powered executive load-lugger) by giving us all a tantalising glimpse of the A6 Avant E-tron future

Impressive Range

According to, in less than 2 years Audi will play its hand in the form of this 435-mile ranging executive estate. Based on the erstwhile fossil fuel-burning current Avant. Although we await full details of the projected drivetrain, the figures which are being bandied around at this juncture are pretty dang impressive.

A sub-4 second 0 – 62mph time, 463bhp on tap and low-riding looks to kill for.

The A6 Avant E-tron is set to turn a lot of heads when it comes to its bare metal fruition. 

VW Takes It To Tesla

More of the very latest VW Audi Group news comes in the shape of the Volkswagen Aero B.

Seen as a fully electric alternative to the Passat by VW CEO Herbert Diess, this is the first teaser image of Volkswagen’s next ID model-in-the-making.

According to various respected automotive media sources, the Aero B will continue where the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.Buzz leave off. And afford the Wolfsburg car-maker its first fully-electrified saloon.

The whole concept remains unclear as we write. Yet the one thing we can confirm is that the Aero B (VW’s codename, as it’s more likely to be known as the ID Vizzion on its slated 2023 launch) will be in direct competition with both the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

The next model to be added to the ever-burgeoning ID family is mooted to be good for 431 miles per charge. Courtesy of the largest (84kWh) battery available shoe-horned into it. 

The first time we’ll see it in real time will be on a revolving display plinth at the Beijing Motor Show in April this year. 

Bentley Reveal Close Encounters of the Space Kind

If there’s one thing that the Bentley Bentayga provides plenty of, then it’s space.

The space inside, to clarify.

With a mahoosive interior which befits the gargantuan luxo-SUV, there’s room inside Bentley’s monster 4x4xeverything for everything you could ever imagine.

So it’s rather apt that Crewe’s finest automotive conglomerate has released its special edition Bentayga Space model.

Created by the firm’s bespoke in-house coachbuilders of yore, Mulliner acted at the behest of a customer who commissioned Bentley’s Orlando dealership in America

Mulliner Design Team

The Mulliner design team has answered over 100 customer’s personal briefs so far in 2022. Doubling last year’s requests, according to insiders. 

The finished article in this Bentayga Speed instance is resplendent in an exterior paint shade referred to as ‘Cypress’. Which also fuses green undertones. And is said to be reminiscent of the first gen Continental GT from 2003.

Continuing the general ‘out of this world’ theme, the carbonfibre accents have been tastefully highlighted with an Orange Flame palette. Which Bentley says, “takes inspiration from comet dust trails racing across the night sky.”

And that’s not the end of the broader intergalactic touches.

The interior boasts tread plates which channel the planets of the solar system. While orange spread to stitching, bezels, upholstery, gear selector and steering wheel. 

The overall influence was Florida’s iconic Space Coast facility. Home to the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

Sneaker Pimps Porsche

What happens when one of the coolest automotive brands on the planet collaborates with one of the most rad sneaker designers out there today?

THIS HAPPENS (points reader in direction of stunning image found ABOVE)

This one-off, fully electric Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo forms part of the ‘Porsche Unseen’ series. And to our mind has echoes of the iconic BMW Art Cars.

What it actually is, is the result of Sean Wotherspoon being afforded a blank Taycan-shaped canvas to weave his sneaker-based magic.

In terms of what you see/what you get, the car is colour-blocked to the absolute max. Courtesy of cool palettes of green, orange, purple and blue.

Describing the inspo behind the colour ways and subtle tones which embellish this stunning Porsche, and Wotherspoon elected to namecheck his nearest and dearest. Therefore note the Nash Blue, Loretta Purple, Ashley Green and Sean Peach.

That said, all hues hark back to Stuttgart’s long-standing colour swathes. Hand-painted by the Porsche team themselves.

Details is where it’s at with Wotherspoon’s Porsche project. Specific flourishes include circles on the doors. Which pays homage to the German automaker’s Le Mans successes in the 1950s. 

And finally In Our Very Latest VW Audi Group News Round-up…..

Your Number’s Up! (And no. This isn’t a reference to the VW Up!)

For those drivers who like to brandish personalised number plates – beware!

The DVLA is having its bi-annual purge on all risque reg plates. The latest crackdown will seek to blacklist numerous potentially offensive plates. Thus making it illegal for owners of certain plates to exhibit them on the roads.

As well as ensuring that a collection of X-rated vehicle registration plates are out of circulation, the DVLA will also be targeting those who display topical alpha numerical combinations. Those which might be seen to be in poor taste.

Including pandemic-related; CO22 RNA, CO22 ONA and CO22 VD

In addition to these, two-tone number plates will also be outlawed as part of this newest clampdown. The extra colours which make the letters appear 3D have a habit of evading vehicle registration plate recognition cameras.

Hence the issues. 

WCC Neston Don’t Just Bring You The Very Latest VW Audi Group News 

Attention to detail is something which marks WCC Neston out from the independent VW Audi Group specialist crowd too. Our team of technicians always go that extra mile to ensure that customers’ vehicles are returned to them, post-service in excellent working order. While our customer service team can be equally trusted to dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T’. 

Get in touch today to find out more about the broad range of services we offer. Information which can also be found via our usual social media channels of communication. 

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