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Top 10 Hypermiling Tips

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

With the UK plunged into a cost of living crisis and fuel prices sky rocketing at a rate of knots - thanks in part to war in Europe, post-Brexit and pandemic fall-outs amongst other reasons/excuses - you can rely on WCC Neston to impart some useful information as to how you can save money.

At least on your fuel costs, and moreover eking out more miles for every extortionately-priced litre of petrol or diesel you need to put in your vehicle.

In one word - hypermiling.

While Clarkson and Co might have waxed lyrical about hypermiling in happier Top Gear times, now employing your best Sunday driver driving skills are more important than ever before, as fuel prices soar and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So, You’re Probably Wondering Just What ‘Hypermiling’ Is….

Essentially, hypermiling is the phrase used to best describe the art of deploying driving techniques that will allow the driver to optimise the vehicle’s fuel economy. By relatively simple adjustments that we can all practice.

The next question you’re bound to ask is what exactly these measures are, and how best to employ them so as to maximise your miles per gallon.

There are numerous ways in which we can meaningfully reduce the volume of fuel we use, just by being mindful and adopting driving practices which are hardly a chore. That being said, if you’re someone who typically enjoys a more animated driving style, which necessitates a lot of accelerating and last minute braking, then admittedly you’ll have your work cut out.

Top 10 Hypermiling Tips

Regular Servicing

Whilst cutting corners right now is in everyone’s best interests, there’s one corner that should never be cut. And that’s your vehicle’s servicing. It’s not merely about the way you drive your car that can minimise how often you pay a visit to the forecourt pumps. There’s a list of background things you can do to your vehicle before you even set off on your every journey. Ensuring that your vehicle is routinely serviced remains one of the most important things you can do as a responsible motorist. Keeping your car maintained is paramount irrespective of broader economic landscapes, to safeguard against unseen issues which can easily negate fuel savings by following dedicated hypermiling suggestions.

Weight Saving

McLaren’s Gordon Murray was definately one to something when he implied that weight-saving is everything in car design. It is when it comes to speed, but also at the other end of the spectrum. When you wish to save money. On this note, don’t drive around with needless items on the back seats or in the boot of your car.

Route Planning

As well as always aiming to take the most direct route from A - B, also give some serious consideration to the terrain you’re covering. If possible, plan routes which avoid the need to accelerate or brake hard. So gradients, if feasible, should be avoided.

Time Traveling

This has absolutely nothing to do with DeLoreans, but absolutely everything to do with eking out more for your miles. When driving at quieter periods of the day - specifically when roads are less busy - results in better fuel economy. Because you’re maintaining momentum and doing less braking and accelerating than you’d do in heavy traffic.

Reduce Speed

Not just outside of schools. But more generally, as this boosts your fuel economy by significant margins. The more aggressively you drive, the greater the drag resistance you’re creating. Making your vehicle use more fuel to counter the effects of your car effectively punching its way through the air it encounters. A bit of science, we know. Yet worthwhile to save money. Reducing speed by 20mph can increase MPG by up to 45%.

Smooth Operation

Don’t fret. We’re not about to throw Sade at you. However, more measured accelerator and steering interactions will help the hypermiling cause. Combined with DWB sensibilities. Driving Without Brakes, to clarify. A mantra where you drive for as long as is possible/safe without hitting the middle pedal. Or left one, if you drive an automatic vehicle. This approach also sees committed hypermilers focusing on the road ahead not just immediately in front of their car, which promotes better road safety full stop.

Keep The Pressure On

Tyres are a driver’s best friend. They’re also the only part of your car which comes into direct contact with the road beneath your wheels. Therefore it’s imperative that your tyre pressures are correct as according to manufacturer recommendations. But be careful not to over-inflate, as this can lead to premature wear and potential blow-outs. On the flip side, if the pressure’s too low, this can generate increased drag and subsequent compromise MPG.

Prepare to Get Hot

You’re not going to like this, but bear with us. Open windows can cause drag. Which in turn reduces your fuel economy. Ergo, you might think you can counter this by facilitating your air-conditioning instead. But every time you reach for the air-con fuel consumption is impacted by up to 10% in some cases. The uncomfortable truth is that ideally you should sweat it out. We’re just putting the facts out there. Lol.

Remove Roof Paraphernalia

We’ve all seen it. Some of us might even be guilty of it. We’re talking about driving around with our Thule roof racks and roof boxes still attached to our family vehicles when we’re nowhere near lakes, mountains, coasts or forests. The bottom line - or should that be, top line - is that needlessly carting this additional roof weight around increases drag too.

Choose Your Driving Footwear Wisely

Basically, don’t drive in big shoes is the general advice here. As drivers don’t have the necessary ‘feel’ for accelerator responses and the delicate nuances required to drive with sensitivity. Two inches of sole certainly won’t help the hypermiling efforts, as doubtless you’ll be heavy on the loud pedal.

Let WCC Neston Set You On Road To Hypermiling Success

While we can’t check that you’re adhering to tips 2 - 10 above, WCC Neston can play a key role in tip 1. And that’s provide all your vehicle’s servicing needs as and when stipulated by your manufacturer.

Manufacturers which encompass the entire Volkswagen Audi Group family, including both the aforementioned, along with Skoda, SEAT, Bentley and Porsche.

To book in with us for vehicle serving - from inspection and oil to gearbox - speak with our friendly team right now. Who can set you on the road to hypermiling glory….

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