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The Top 10 Scariest Cars In The World, Ever

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

OK. It’s Halloween.

You were never going to get away with WCC NOT compiling something frighteningly tenuous. Juxtaposing spooky happenings with the world of cars. Repairs, diagnostics, MOT’s, Ghost II Immobiliser fitting, warranty work, and the actual ‘works’.
It was a given.

Therefore rejoice at WCC’s Top 10 Scariest Cars Ever

By scary, we’re not referring to a frightening turn of speed. Nor are we talking about the obvious vehicles which featured prominently in classic horror movies. We’re also avoiding ‘murdered out’ Chrysler 300C’s too.

Instead we’re waxing lyrical about the type of cars which leave you quaking in your boots the minute they home into sight. Or make you reach for the nearest sick bag as you’re instantly overcome by relentless waves of nausea

Just How Scary Are We Actually Talking Here?

For scary, read truly horrific.

Horrifically ugly, to clarify.

The sort of car even its designer couldn’t love. Now of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While the definitive question of whether these examples are scary or not is a matter of opinion.

Subjectivity notwithstanding, we very much doubt those without a strong stomach could stare at the following 10 examples for long, without being in immediate need of a session of exorcism.

And yes. That is a Volkswagen you see making the lower order of the list, it pains us to acknowledge….

10. VW Thing

'Thing' by name, 'thing' by nature. Those responsible for creating the VW Type 181 clearly raided the parts bins rammed full of other Volkswagen models, which were lying around at the time of assembly. Answering the question that nobody should have ever asked. Which surely must have gone along the lines of, ‘What happens when you cobble together a Beetle, VW Bus and Karmann Ghia?’

9. Pontiac Aztec

Afforded a new lease of life as the car of ‘choice’ as driven by the character, ‘Walter‘ in iconic TV series, ‘Breaking Bad’, this level of cool-by-association still couldn’t reverse the fortunes of a vehicle which makes the Ssanyong Musso look like a Dali painting

8. Fiat Multipla

A car which famously moved TV’s Jeremy Clarkson to deliver the ultimate aside, it was always impossible to look at it in the same way ever again. Describing it in peak Clarksonspeak as, ‘a car that’s been set on fire, and put out with a cricket bat.’ Few could argue with this visual analysis. 

7. Rolls-Royce Phantom Jonckheere

Ghost, Phantom, Wraith. OK. Rolls are intrinsically associated with Halloween full stop. Yet the Jonckheere is amongst the most blood-curdling of cars you’ll ever clap eyes on. To add further layers to the fear factor, the contrasting interior is blood red in colouration. What else did you expect?

6. Alfa Romeo BATS

No countdown of spooktastic cars is complete without mention of the Alfa Romeo BAT. Bona fide ‘Batmobiles’ which were commissioned as a study in aerodynamics by the Italian automaker in the 1950s, there’s something very much ‘of the night’ about this truly terrifying triumvirate. 

5. Nissan Juke

It may be a best-selling SUV. It’s without doubt reliable. And it’s certainly versatile. But none of this can distract you from the fact that the Nissan Juke is pig ugly from almost every perspective. Unless you choose to view it in the dead of night

4. Ford Scorpio

Open the Oxford English, and where you’d normally find the entry for the word, ‘ugly’, and we bet you it’s been replaced by the alternative words, ‘Ford’ and ‘Scorpio’. If not, it’s a travesty. 

3. Range Rover Evoque Convertible

If you thought that removing the roof from the Chrysler PT Cruiser was a terrible mistake, then you clearly haven’t seen the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Which makes you an extremely lucky person. Until you stumbled upon this monstrosity, that is.

2. Suzuki X-90

Commonly mistaken for a soft-roader, convertible, pick-up and an array of other vehicle genres, the one thing we can agree in is that the X-90 is an automotive abomination. 

1. Tesla Cybertruck

Reigning supreme in this bedevilling countdown is the sort of vehicle which will give you nightmares for weeks. Leaving grown adults cowering behind the sofa. There’s definitely deft ‘Elon Musk’ touches about this future-proof Mad Max-mobile. But the overriding vibe is one of fear if you saw this bearing down on you in your rear view mirror.

And Now for More Ghostly Goings On….

So there you have it.

A compendium of gruesome vehicles, all of which would make you scurry for the safety of your panic room on sight.

But naturally, we’re not just here to lightly entertain readers with a themed blog and neglect to tie it into something we actually do here at WCC

With this in mind – and now we’ve dispensed with the Halloween fun n games – it’s time to get down to the serious business of protecting your vehicle from prying eyes. Which ushers in the dawn of the dead good in-car security products we supply and fit here at WCC.

Ghost II Immobilisers

Yup. It’s that time of year when things start to go bump in the night. But far from ghosts and ghoulies being behind seemingly supernatural goings on, it’s more a case of car thieves. Those unscrupulous types who see something they like  – for example, your car – and take it. 

As the clocks go back, and the hours of darkness extend their grip, there’s more opportunity for nefarious types to single out your car for unwanted attention. 

Avoid Vehicle Fright Night!

There are, however, things you can do to protect your vehicle from actions which will leave you with more than just goosebumps. A broken heart and an irate bank manager being just two other effects of having your vehicle stolen. 

You see, while ghosts belong in a largely fictitious world, sadly the existence of car thieves is grounded in fact. But we have the perfect means of countering this in the guise of having the Ghost II Immobiliser fitted.  

Ghost II Immobilisers Will Ward Off Evil

The Ghost II Immobiliser is an awesome piece of kit which is explicitly designed to safeguard your car from various attempts at light-fingeredness from those with minds filled with criminal intent. Key-cloning, hacking and even key theft itself are the primary concerns in this instance.

With a Ghost II Immobiliser fitted, this then facilitates the buttons which already exist in your vehicle. Including those located on steering wheels, door panels or the centre console area. It’s via these that the vehicle is rendered impenetrable to anyone other than the owner, as a disarm sequence is required to be inputted to enable the car to start. 

Freak or Unique

This unique, changeable sequence is just like a PIN code.

And arguably the best bit is that the Ghost has no key fobs or LED indications to give away its location. 

Why Would I Want a Ghost II Immobiliser?

Our technicians can install a Ghost II Immobiliser into your vehicle quickly and efficiently. And when it’s fitted, it’s completely invisible. Unlike say, a small child draped in a white bed sheet on All Hallows’ ‘Eve, to be fair. 

The advantages of having a Ghost II Immobiliser fitted to your vehicle are numerous. But just to recap, here’s the primary reasons why you’d be a ghoul, sorry, fool, not to.

  1. Engine start blocking

  2. Undetectable under diagnostic testing

  3. Silent operation

  4. No radio frequency signals

  5. Prevents key cloning

  6. Safeguards against ECU swapping

  7. Weatherproof

  8. Valet and service mode enabled

  9. Emergency PIN override

  10. Tested to destruction

Get in touch with us today to prevent your vehicle disappearing in a puff of smoke.

And arrange an appointment to have the amazing Ghost II Immobiliser fitted to your vehicle.

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