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The Tiny VW Which Goes The Distance With Tesla

Did you know that Volkswagen built an EV hybrid which held the title of the world’s most efficient production car?

Forget all about your Prius and Polestar this Earth Day, while also giving Tesla a wide berth. Instead VW XL1 is where it's at, if you wish to passionately embrace more than the odd tree to acknowledge the gravitas of today on our threatened planet.

You might also wish to brazenly overlook the existence of the Honda Insight too, despite it being invented a seeming Ice Age before the XL1 homed into our rear-view mirrors.

Not because any of the abovementioned don’t justifiably deserve their place in the EV Hall of Fame. Only by comparison with the forwardest of forward-thinking ‘people’s cars’, they all significantly pale when parked up next to the Volkswagen XL1.

Shared similarities with both the Insight and the Toyota Prius however include the challenging aesthetics.

Let’s face it.

None of this triumvirate of planet-saving EV hybrids will ever win an automotive beauty pageant.

That much is true.

Yet future generations will look back with rose-tinted lenses when recalling the earliest days of EV hybrid. With the formative years firmly entrenched in a substance over style ethos.

Plus, irrespective of what phraseology would have us believe. Beauty doesn’t always arrive in tiny packages.

But Anyway, It’s Earth Day. And We’re Explaining What The XL1 is All About

To this day, the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox XL1 is a blueprint for just what can be achieved. Svelte, streamlined, surreal (almost), the odd-shaped Veedbub is close in size to a modern day Polo hatchback. Yet in contrast tips the scales at a trifling 795kg.

For the record, its mass-produced sibling-of-sorts has a fighting weight of some 1105kg.

Speaking of extended family, admittedly via a few degrees of separation. The XL1 is in theory an ecological cousin to the equally record-breaking Bugatti Veyron.

In terms of the serious thought having gone into the approach to lightness. And we gloss over the underlying fact that the former is (ahem/clears throat) powered by the twin effects of a 27bhp electric motor in tandem with an 800cc two-cylinder diesel block which generates an erstwhile 48bhp.

The major differential of course is in the fuel consumption department. Where not only does the rear wheel drive XL1 obliterate the Veyron, but also embarrasses the closer company of Tesla’s, Polestar’s, Hyundai Ioniq’s and BMW i8’s.

So, What Sort of MPG Are We Talking About?

Arguably recognised as the world’s most fuel efficient production car, just 250 examples of the limited production XL1 concept car came to bear. With 200 of these sold to retail customers.

Technically regarded as a Super Efficiency Vehicle (SEV), this incredible little Bug achieves an awesome 313mpg. On Earth Day, that’s surely a figure to rejoice at.

In What Scenario Does The XL1 Work Best?

Essentially, the diminutive environment-friendly VW remains in electric functionality under normal driving conditions, until full throttle is reached or 62mph is exceeded.

Or indeed, until the ion lithium battery charge level drops below 14%. In terms of battery regen, energy is recovered via braking and subsequently stored for re-application thereafter.

Total driving range in electric mode equates to 50km. Or 31 miles. Which isn’t exactly up there with the best of the EV bunch here in 2022. But let’s not get bogged down with that sort of detail when we’re talking about THAT 313 mile range.

WCC Neston Keeps Updated With Ever-changing Automotive Servicing Landscape

We’re big fans of EV’s here at WCC Neston. And have worked on a number of Volkswagen’s current EV and hybrid models.

Including the ID.3, ID.4 and Golf GT/E’s.

More normally - for the time being at least - we spend our very busy days servicing, completing warranty work and running diagnostics on a host of Volkswagen AG vehicles across the board.

We also carry out MOT’s and are specialists at the retrofitting of driver aid and security devices, including the Ghost II immobiliser.

So get in touch today to find out more, and book your vehicle in.

Whatever source of energy powers it.

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