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Stunning Bugatti Centodieci Pays Homage to Iconic EB110

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

If you were around in the 1990s, aside from Britpop, Gazza lobbing Colin Hendry at Wembley during Euro ‘96, and the internet being borne, there was something else pretty darn cool about that particular decade. That being it was the generation of ludicrous supercars.

Those envisaged by visionary car designers - and subsequently manufactured during these halcyon days of supercardom - included the Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari F40, McLaren F1, Honda NSX, and Jaguar XJ220 to name but four. A time and a place when anything pretty went.

Yet arguably one of the most notable was the second coming of a seismic name in automotive parlance.

A pre-Volkswagen-owned Bugatti.

A Future-proof EB110

Named after its founding father, Ettore Bugatti, the EB110 GT was unveiled on the 15th of September 1991. Precisely 110 years after Mr Bugatti’s birth.

Capturing the supercar-loving public’s imagination with its distinctive styling, the EB110 also won critical acclaim from a certain Formula One legend. Michael Schumacher was so impressed that he bought himself a discreet yellow EB110 Super Sport. Ensuring that Bugatti was thrust once again into the spotlight.

On a slightly less positive note, Schuey crashed his yellow EB110 into a truck shortly afterwards. Almost immediately apportioned blame to the Bugatti’s inadequate braking.

Of course, all these EB110 shenanigans played out just a handful of years prior to Volkswagen stepping into the fray and acquiring the Bugatti name/legacy.

And building on it in a way that nobody saw coming.

Namely in the loss-leading Veyron.

Limited Edition Bugatti Centodieci: A Steal At Just £6.5 Million

Anyroad, fast forward some three decades, and Bugatti has returned to the scene of one of its most iconic, pre-Veyron ventures and recently whipped the dust covers off its very latest homage-paying supercar creation.

The Centodieci.

A unique supercar which will instantaneously make the owner/driver stand out from the crowd.

Providing said owner/driver has a spare £6.5 million sat in their offshore account. This highly limited edition supercar comes as a result of some in-depth testing and prepping by the French auto-house. The one benefitting from German stewardship in its more recent history.

All-in-all there’s only going to be 10 Bugatti Centodieci supercars made available to those of deep pockets. The first example having just been delivered to its excitable new owner, presented in Bugatti’s classic EB110 Blue with contrasting Sport Silver alloys. And no, it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo (more of which in a mo…).

Perhaps not a big surprise (the exterior paintjob; rather than said new owner NOT being the Portuguese soccerist), when you learn that the actual new owner already has an EB110 GT in the exact same colourways in his possession.

And clearly looking for a matching pair.

Albeit with a gulf of some thirty-odd years between production of these bookend incarnations.

So, What Do We Actually Know About The All-new Bugatti Centodieci?

Here’s 10 facts for all those who love their trivia. And information which may serve you well in future pub quizzes.

1. It’s based on the Bugatti Chiron. But is also closely related to the Divo

2. It’s 20kg lighter than a Chiron though. Or to think of it another way. A similar weight to a bison at birth

3. It was inspired by the Bugatti EB110

4. There’s only going to be 10 in existence. Like, ever

5. Centodieci literally means - 110 in Italian. So we should be saying, it’s mathematically interpreted as 110

6. It’s been made to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th birthday. The company, not an individual to clarify

7. It accelerates from 0 - 62mph in 2.4 seconds. Which makes it quicker than a cheetah

8. Top speed is 236mph. Still quicker than a cheetah

9. Football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to have put the hefty deposit down on one of the ten. He likes his supercars, does Ronaldo

10. Each of the 10 example’s interiors are finished in white. So potential owners will need to invest in a job lot of car interior shampoo products

WCC Neston Is Here To Provide Automotive Solutions

Believe it or not, Bugatti comprises one-twelfth of the current VW Audi Group portfolio. Along with the more familiar automotive brands including the aforementioned. Together with Skoda, SEAT, Cupra, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini and a number of other diverse companies.

And while we never say never here at WCC Neston, we’re yet to work on a Bugatti. The good news for you however is that we routinely work on various other premium marques. And are no strangers to carrying out a multitude of servicing on range-topping Audi’s, Bentley’s, Porsche’s, and Lamborghini’s.

Talk to our friendly team right now to arrange any servicing, diagnostics, warranty work, MOT’s, general repair work or the retrofitting of leading driver aid or security devices.

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