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Skoda Service, Repair and MOTs in Wirral and Cheshire

If you drive a Skoda and are searching for a reliable repair, service and MOT garage that can cover everything you need, WCC Independent Volkswagen Audi Group Specialists in Cheshire may well be the perfect partner. Our aim is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car operating at peak performance.

Skoda Service

A regular service is important if you want to maintain your Skoda car and avoid problems in the future. Of course, cars have become incredibly complex over the last couple of decades and you really need a garage that has a full understanding of your make and model.

Our Skoda service includes what you would normally expect, everything from oil and filter changes, checking the brakes, topping up things like the steering fluid and antifreeze, checking tyres and spotting any potential problems that may need to be addressed. Of course, the older a car gets, the more important a service becomes.

For newer models, we provide the full range of services that you would expect from a full dealership.  

Skoda Repairs

Whether it’s because of damage because of an accident or simple wear and tear on your Skoda, there may come a time when you need repairs carrying out. What you ideally want is for your issue to be correctly diagnosed and the appropriate solution put in place.

At WCC Independent Volkswagen Audi Group Specialists, we have experienced mechanics on hand but also have all the diagnostic equipment that you could hope to find in a fully stocked garage. We’re confident that we have the testing and diagnostic infrastructure that actually rivals most major dealers in the area.

As an independent specialist, you can always be sure of getting a straight answer to your Skoda problem, a prompt response and speedy resolution. All at a competitive cost.

Skoda MOT

Once you have booked your car in for an MOT, you want it to be handled quickly and efficiently. Most car owners combine this with a service. If there are issues with your vehicle, you want them diagnosed quickly and efficiently. You certainly want to be kept informed if there is a major issue that may require a little extra cost on your part.

As reputable Volkswagen Audi Group Specialists that are able to offer a full range of MOT, repair and servicing facilities for our Skoda customers, you can be sure that WCC Independent Volkswagen Audi Group Specialists has your best interests at heart.

Competitive Pricing and Knowledgeable Mechanics

We are a great alternative to the traditional dealership if you want a garage that is able to handle all your car maintenance needs and is a business you can build a long term relationship with. You’ll always get a friendly welcome when you bring your Skoda into our garage, you’ll get straight talking too as well as competitive pricing.

Our diagnostic team have the equipment and knowledge that means we can handle almost all motoring problems and allows us to offer the full range of Skoda serving, MOT and repairs. If you are searching for an alternative to your car dealership and a local business based in Wirral serving Merseyside and Cheshire, that you can trust with your car, contact the team at WCC Independent Volkswagen Audi Group Specialists today.

Even if your car is under finance or a PCP plan as we only use genuine parts we are able to carry out warranty repairs as well as regular services and repairs. Get in touch to find out more.

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