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Retrofitting Independent VW Audi Group Specialist Helping VAG Car Owners Go Back to The Future

Here at WCC we are past masters at retrofitting a host of aftermarket driving aid and vehicle security devices.

The past is a place where we would often like to return. Unfortunately not all of us have ready access to a DeLorean. Nor a stash of plutonium and child-like vivid imaginations as adults.

Plus, there’s usually a good reason why we leave certain things in our past. With reference to aftermarket driving assistance and/or security products, that reason tends to be prohibitive expense. Thankfully, as an independent VAG specialist in-car product retrofitting business, this is the bit where WCC come in.

Independent VAG Specialist In-car Product Retrofitting At Your Service

Inflated costs associated with spec’ing much sought-after devices on your new VAG vehicle can go hand-in-hand. Including reversing cameras, sat nav, cruise control, Ghost immobiliser, hill hold assist and universal-fit (and swanky key fob-activated) remote electric roof operation for convertible vehicles.

All of which have a habit of making serious inroads in new car owners’ budgets. Should you decide to add them to your manufacturer-spec options list from new.

Consequently, and although your ‘wish list’ makes sense at the time, you take realistic stock of the prices. Reluctantly deciding to forget it. Not even stopping to give it a second thought.

Or do you?

WCC Provides Ways and Means of Retrofitting Aftermarket Products Which Help You, Yet Represent Substantial Savings

Of course you don’t.

You still hanker after the driving aid or security device you promised yourself before you signed up for your new vehicle. But you’re not prepared to be held to ransom over extortionate costs. Those quoted by the main VW & Audi Group dealer you purchased your new vehicle through.

However, there is a way round this.

One which you may be unaware of. Which means you and your car can revisit its past. And future-proofing it for many years of enjoyable and safe driving ahead.

Essentially it involves utilising our Independent VAG Specialist In-car Product Retrofitting skills and experience.

Retrofitting is the New Old

Here at WCC we routinely retrofit a raft of driving aids and security devices designed to make your life behind the wheel easier. The type of devices which many new car owners choose not to box-tick on their options list at the point of sale. Due to the additional prices being quoted.

And hence why you might previously overlook products such as reverse parking cameras and cruise control. Considering them luxuries which you could potentially live without at the time.

But if you really could, then you wouldn’t be here. And WCC wouldn’t be in the business of supplying and installing said best-selling products.

Products which include the following:

Parking Aids

Automatic Park Assist with braking system, deploys ultrasonic sensors at various crucial touchpoints. Situated along the front, rear and sides of vehicles. And designed to aid the parking process. Facilitating special sensors, the processor determines the steering angle and displays it on the touchscreen. Complete with obstacle information.

Reversing Cameras

Otherwise known as ‘rear-view camera’, this device incorporates a video camera which is produced specifically for the purpose of attaching to a vehicle’s rear aspect. To systematically alleviate known blind spots. These can be positioned at various junctures along a vehicle’s rear.

Satellite Navigation

Where would we be with sat nav. Lost, primarily. Sat nav’s traditionally use a combination of global positioning satellites (GPS) and extensive mapping data software. To determine your car’s position and plan the best route to a chosen destination. Complete with the added intervention of live traffic information. Ensuring you get from A to B with minimum fuss.

Hill Hold/Start Assist

This functionality is engineered to activate automatically. So as to stop a vehicle from rolling backwards when the foot-operated brake pedals are pressed and released while parked on a hill. Simply by maintaining the pressure applied to the brake. With a duration of hold approximately 2 – 3 seconds, this allows enough time for the car to re-establish motion. With the brakes disengaging the instant the driver depresses the accelerator pedal.

Ghost Immobiliser

An ingenious device that protects vehicles from key-cloning, hacking and even key theft. Using existing buttons within a vehicle. Including those found on the steering wheel, and centre console, for example. This unique system allows drivers to create a changeable, disarm sequence (similar to a PIN code). Which must be entered to enable ignition engagement.

Cruise Control

Made to electronically regulate your vehicle’s speed when at a constant pace, cruise control will come into its own on long drives. Especially where motorways are experienced. Occupant comfort and safety is a primary concern. While systems on the market are designed to ensure the driver remains legally within acknowledged road laws. Activated and deactivated with ease, via clutch or brake pedals. Or just turning the system off. Either way, cruise control is another must-have for many drivers.

Dash Cams

From young drivers to fleet managers, dash cams are an invaluable addition to any modern vehicle set-up. These in-car cameras continuously and accurately monitor and record braking and acceleration speeds. As well as vehicle collision G-forces. It also facilitates Google Earth. So you can view every route you travel.

Does WCC Use Genuine VAG-Manufactured or Approved Products?

The answer to this valid question, being a resounding ‘yes’.

WCC only ever source and fit genuine Volkswagen and Audi Group-approved items when and where applicable. Yet at a fraction of the expense incurred by using franchised dealers in the first instance.

Plus we also work in collaboration with our partners, Advanced In-car Technologies. Who supply the products our skilled and experienced technicians regularly retrofit into our customers’ vehicles.

To find out more about WCC’s retrofitting services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. To talk through your requirements. And to arrange a convenient time to book your vehicle on for the work to be carried out in-house.

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