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Reach For Customer Service Heights With Wirral Independent Volkswagen Specialist

Wirral independent Volkswagen specialist impressed by VW's Autostadt-based ultimate Volkswagen vending machine is a work of art and engineering prowess.

Here at Wirral independent Volkswagen specialist, WCC, we pride ourselves on the levels of customer service we deliver. Yet it’s always good to strive to do even better. Go that extra mile. Stretch yourself further still. 

Of course, our Wolfsburg-based friends in high places over at Volkswagen are past masters at this. And certainly raised the bar for customer service when VW created what is ostensibly, the world’s coolest car vending machine.

It’s fair to say at WCC we’re massive fans of all things engineering great and small. And we’re not just referring to Amarok’s to Up’s

Engineering infrastructures can be very impressive things too. Look no further than Volkswagen’s imperious ‘Car Towers’ at the German manufacturer’s iconic ‘Autostadt’ global HQ

The Sky’s the Limit For Customer Service at Wirral Independent Volkswagen Specialist

Resembling a giant-sized children’s automotive-themed toy, this gargantuan exercise in advanced and concise car parking is a sight to behold. 

Taking the concept of multi-storey parking to new heights (literally and very much, physically) these identical dual constructs tower over the skyline and serve as a formidable landmark in ‘those there’ Wolfsburg parts.

A work of art as much as an engineering marvel, this cylindrical VW vending machine looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. ‘Blade Runner’, perhaps. Only a reboot with a strong emphasis on the current range of Volkswagens.   

VW car dispenser like nothing else in the new car retailing world

Unique Customer Service 

Part visitor attraction, but primarily an elaborate holding bay for new VW’s which have freshly rolled off the adjacent production line, Autostadt (German for ‘automobile city’, incidentally) offers something for all VW aficionados

A veritable mecca for fans of Veedub, this miniature town of sorts also boasts a dedicated museum, provides a guide to the evolution of roads, and offers tours through the enormous factory space. While also housing a cinema complex within a large sphere.

As you do.

Volkswagen vending machine is out of this Wolfsburg world.

Seamless Customer Service Guaranteed at VW’s Incredible Autostadt

To cut a (very) long/tall story short, Volkswagen envisaged and subsequently created Autostadt to solve the issue of how best to present box fresh new Golf’s, Passat’s, Up’s, Tiguan’s, Toureg’s, etc to their excited new owners. Minus ANY delivery miles showing on the odometer. 

The resolution being, a series of conveyor belts which transport the finished VW articles straight off the end of the near-by production facility line and instantaneously into either of the two towers

Where a series of intricate weights and pulleys will hoist them (via the greatest of glass elevators) to their temporary parking lots. Until such time as the mileage-free vehicles are handed over to their first custodians. All at a total cost said to be in the region of £370 million

You’re right. Uber expensive, yet equally uber awesome.

And undeniably, uber Germanic. 

Wirral Independent Volkswagen Specialist Here to Diagnose and Resolve Your VAG Issues

Whether or not our customer’s Volkswagen’s ever began their journeys in life at the Autostadt or not, an ever-growing number of them find their way to us.

To have a range of work carried out on them. From diagnostics and oil and gearbox servicing, through to MOT’s and the installation of aftermarket driving and security devices

All jobs undertaken by our trained and experienced technicians who are all very familiar with the ins and outs of VW’s in their various guises. 


We’ve got a team-building couple of days to arrange over in Wolfsburg, so we can ‘make like a Volkswagen’ and take a ride in one of the car capsules and enjoy a Veedub’s eye view of what it looks and feels like to decanted into what is, without doubt, the world’s biggest, coolest vending machine

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