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Porsche Usurps Bentley as Pikes Peak Record-holder

Move over Bentley, there’s a new king of the Pikes Peak castle. And it’s your closest rival, Porsche, which has stolen your crown. And in broad daylight too.

In recent days Porsche has successfully dethroned the previous incumbent/holder of the hotly-contested Pikes Peak production car record, namely an equally purposeful Bentley Continental GT.

High Altitude Turbo’ing

A 2022 model Porsche 911 Turbo S with experienced Pikes Peak helmsman, David Donner at the wheel, obliterated the existing record of 10 minutes, 18.4 seconds set by the aforementioned Conti GT.

Taking just 9 minutes and 53.5 seconds to upwardly navigate the iconic proving ground, the only mods that differentiated this 911 to a stock ‘S’ were those which focused on high altitude-running calibration and safety.

The ‘high altitude elements’ particularly relevant to the engineering boffins tasked with ‘calibrating’ various components, when considering that the Pikes Peak run begins at an elevation of 9,390 feet. Before ascending into literal thin air at 14,115 feet.

Safety First, And a Thirst for Records

Other key aspects pertaining to safety requirements include a racing seat, a roll cage, fire systems and tweaks to the engine’s computer and exhaust system.

Otherwise, you’re looking at an (almost) everyday street-legal Porsche. If you casually overlook the health dose of sponsorship-led sticker-bombing, of course.

In Turbo S clothing, any 911 typically affords the driver - whether a Pikes Peak warrior or promenade cruiser - some 640bhp to handle with due care and attention.

WCC Neston at Pinnacle of Independent Porsche Specialism

Speaking of handling with due care and attention, and our experienced independent VW and Audi Group specialist technicians are well versed at diligently working on our customers’ Porsche.

Whilst not normally rocking up in Pikes Peak livery, our team routinely gets to grips with Macan’s, Boxster's, Cayenne’s and the more retro 944 of Porsche’s impressive back catalogue. Be it during the undertaking of oil, inspection and gearbox services, diagnostics or warranty work.

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