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Porsche and Lamborghini Both Tease All-new Jacked-up All-terrain Versions of Their Iconic Supercars

First Porsche were at it*, now fellow VW Audi Group stablemate, Lamborghini is dipping its toes into something sand-y. More desert than beach, mind.

Both supercar manufacturers of some collective repute (and resolute ‘supercar’ heritage) have released overland versions of their greatest hits packages. Pretty much from out of nowhere on both counts, too.

Porsche first set the ball rolling with teased images of its 911 Dakar model, whilst Lambo wasted little time in responding with the revealing of its Huracan Sterrato.

Literal translation, ‘dirt road’ affording the uninitiated a little covert insight into what this super offroad-capable performance car might be all about.

The Porsche 911 Dakar

Based on the Porsche Carrera S, the 911 Dakar’s sports suspension kit ensures that it rides some 500mm higher than the standard Carrera, with the option to increase this still further. Another 30mm further, to be precise.

Elsewhere you're feasting your eyes on stainless steel skid plates, aluminium towing hooks, roof-mounted light bars, and two new driver modes. Namely ‘Rally’ and ‘Off-road’. This adventure-primed Porker is also shod with all-terrain tyres.

Under the bonnet there’s a 473bhp 3.0-litre turbocharged GTS engine, mated to an 8-speed PDK transmission.

With just 2,500 units available globally on launch, fans of off-road Porsche supercars with a few quid more jangling in the pockets of their slacks might want to throw an additional £18,434 at Porsche. In exchange for a hand-finished and authentic Rothmans exterior livery.

Essentially bringing 1984 Paris-Dakar successes back, courtesy of the bespoke ‘Rally Design Package’.

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

So, how might Lambo’s take on a rally stage-threatening supercar look in real time. As opposed to merely a CGI draft.

After all, those crazy Italians will have to pull out all the stops to better the legacy-providing Porsche if they’re to mount a sustained challenge for the all-new supercar overlander crown.

But let's not forget, we are referring to the supercar royalty that gave us the positively bonkers Countach.

Lamborghini’s press corps have introduced the Sterrato as the company’s ‘first all-terrain super sports car with a V10 engine and all-wheel drive’. But then again, Lambo do refer to themselves in the third person as Automobili Lamborghini, so it can be expected.

Waxing lyrical about the way in which the Sterrato can navigate the most unconventional of driving surfaces with consummate ease (citing both loose and dirt surfaces as Lambo’s newly unchartered territories), the marketing spiel cranks up the pressure on Porsche by boasting of ‘reinterpreting the very concept of sportiness’.

In response to Porsche’s typically Teutonic reliance of cold, hard factoids and borrowing heavily from its own back catalogue.

Porsche would never frequent turns of vernacular such as ‘brave, authentic’ and our personal favourite, ‘unexpected’.

Details beyond the creative descriptions remain a little thin on the ground, until it debuts at the Art Basel in Miami on November 30th. For now - lyrical waxations and pretentious soundbites aside - what we do know is that light bars, roof bars, poised wheel arch extensions and a giant roof scoop, along with much off-road cladding, are very much in situ.

Together with some chunky Bridgestones.

Ooossshhh. Etc.

The question is, WHICH of these awesome all-terrain supercars would YOU choose?

WCC Neston Welcome Both Porsche and Lamborghini

Oh, and we might have mentioned this previously, but as the region's leading independent VW Audi Group specialist, our experienced team knows their way round Porsche and Lamborghini models.

And can carry out whatever work you require, as and when.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today to discuss YOUR Porsche or Lamborghini servicing, diagnostic or warranty work requirements.

* creating AWESOME overlander supercars

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