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Our Volkswagen Security Experts Will Ensure Your VW Golf is Theft-proof

Volkswagen Golf recognised as third most stolen car in the UK

As Volkswagen security experts, our technicians have been installing industry-pioneering vehicle security features for the past 10 years. Therefore, you can be safe in the following knowledge. Both that we provide a professional quality of service, and that your VW Golf will evade any opportunistic or more organised car thieves. 

Why WCC Is Reminding You Of This Side of Our VW Specialist Business

The Volkswagen Golf is making the news headlines once again. Only this time for less salubrious reasons. While the stylish, dependable, versatile and (clearly) popular Golf officially remained the second best selling new car in the UK last month (June 2021), it’s not all good news for Golf owners.

According to Which? Magazinewho compiled the findings of the recent surveythe VW Golf is, statistically, the third most stolen vehicle in this country.  Arguably the victim of its own continuing success story. 

Desirability and quantitative factors are cited in explaining just why it makes its presence felt towards the top of the most unwanted chart position. The upshot generally being interpreted like this. 

The Golf is a class-leading car. Constantly in demand with owners. And by a similar token; thieves alike. While the number of Golfs on the road subsequently increases, so, exponentially, does the ratio of models stolen. 

Then there’s another sobering thought offered by the Office for National Statistics. Stressing that a staggering 72% of stolen vehicles are never returned to their owners.

Best to Be Safe and Sound

All of which painful reading makes it all the more advantageous that you protect your precious Golf with the very best vehicle security products available. We are past masters at installing a range of much-sought after devices. All of which serve to protect your Volkswagen in a variety of scenarios. Essentially keeping them safe from unwanted attention. 

Chief amongst the state-of-the-art devices our in-house Volkswagen security experts fit to Golfs to deter would-be thieves, is the peerless Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. Also available for fitment to any other vehicle in the VW Audi Group range

Installation of Ghost Immobiliser makes stealing a VW Golf virtually impossible.

Introducing The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

Stealth measures are required to stay more than one step ahead of those with designs on your VW Golf. Which is where the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser comes into its own. Secreted so well in your Volkswagen that you are virtually unaware of its presence. Systematically ensuring minimum intrusion all round.

Concealed very much out of sight, the Ghost Immobiliser effectively becomes invisible. Once our Volkswagen security experts have installed it, it goes well below the radar of would-be car thieves.

However, out of sight it may remain, yet out of mind it certainly isn’t.

Once entering your VW, you’re required to key in a unique user-defined pin number. So as to disarm the in-car security system. Enabling you to turn the ignition. This is achieved simply by entering a combination of digits on your dashboard. Adhering to a predetermined sequence you alone are privy to.

Those unfamiliar with the unique code and sequence by which it’s personally underwritten will fail in their bid to start the vehicle. Rendering it immobile. And if you think nefarious minds might be able to crack the code via diagnostics, think again

The code will remain undetectable in diagnostic terms. While its intellectual properties also work to safeguard against the possibility of key cloning and ECU swapping. Should determined thieves try to up their anti-socialness.

Autowatch Are Our Exclusive VW And Audi Ghost Immobiliser Partner 

Our partners in the auto crime-fighting department have been supplying us with a raft of retrofit products – security and otherwise – for a number of years. Providing us with an extensive selection of popular and market-leading automotive electronics kit and caboodle – all carrying approval by the VAG Group – we can trust all of Autowatch‘s products, as our preferred partner. 

As do our customers. Who in turn benefit from the assurances and peace of mind motoring that comes from having the most technologically-advanced in-car solutions in their vehicles. All having been extensively tried and tested.

Along with Ghost Immobilisers, we also source our other best-selling lines directly from both Autowatch and our other go-to provider. Namely Advanced In-car Technologies. And can fit any of these items in VW’s, Audi’s, Seat’s, Skoda’s and all other manufacturers who comprise the VAG Group.

Let Our Volkswagen Security Experts Protect Your Vehicle Today

If you want the confidence that comes from having your Golf safe from prying eyes, then be sure to speak with our own Volkswagen security experts today. As we can explain to you how we can avoid your prized vehicle becoming another stolen car statistic. 

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