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New Research Reveals Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras Most Sought-after Driver Aids

Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras

Here at WCC we’re experts in retrofitting parking sensors and reversing cameras.

Although not necessarily mutually exclusive, we also appreciate that parking our cars isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. In fact, it typically involves a lot of reversing. And with the design of the rear quarters of some of the more contemporary VW & Audi Group vehicles leaving visibility more compromised – despite looking very cool, aesthetically – means that parking some of these cars is often an ongoing challenge.

Yes, Range Rover Evoque, we’re looking at YOU!

Thankfully there’s a solution for this, which involves modern technology.

And the involvement of WCC

Let’s Park This Blog Right Here

Parking sensors and reversing cameras make light of one of the traditional bugbears of many drivers. Positioning their vehicles in tight parking spots.

Be it in the supermarket car park, outside the school gates or wherever they leave their vehicle while they’re out and about.

And here at WCC we supply and install both of these much sought-after driver aids

reverse cameras can be concealed in stealthy places

According to recent research conducted by Dacia, both parking sensors and reversing cameras are the most desirable pieces of in-car technology new car buyers want. Closely followed by sat-nav and DAB radio.

They also happen to be the most facilitated too. 

What’s the Backstory Then?

A number of individual exterior design elements conspire to cause reversing and parallel parking histrionics. Including the overall aesthetic, bodywork angles, mirrors, driving position and window size. With reference to the latter, thick A and B window pillars can also significantly compromise all-round visibility. 

And the worst offenders for rear visibility right now?

Along with the aforementioned Evoque, the Nissan Micra, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Renault Megane, Smart Fortwo, and Dacia Duster, ironically. 

We say, ironically, as if you recall it’s Dacia who’ve recently commissioned the driver poll which highlighted parking sensors and reversing cameras being hugely popular. Especially in customers who are looking to purchase new Dacia’s. 

Still, you could always opt for the VW Polo, Audi Q5 or Skoda Karoq if you haven’t already. All three having been adjudged by Which Car Magazine as being particularly good in the rear visibility department.

WCC Are Here to Make Your Parking Life Easier

If your VW and Audi Group vehicle could benefit from having parking sensors and reversing cameras fitted, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange for our team of talented retrofitting technicians to get on the job. 

In collaboration with our partners at Advanced In-car Technologies, we can source, supply and fit a number of much sought-after driving aids. Which also extend to hill hold assist, sat-nav, green screen activation and the in-demand Ghost II immobiliser from Autowatch.

We are also in the habit of concealing reverse cameras in the most discreet of locations on your vehicle. Like for example, directly behind the ‘VW’ badge on the boot of a Volkswagen Phaeton, as we retrofitted most recently.

So why not book in right now for a range of electrical upgrade packages. And make your parking life easier at least.

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