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Mansory’s Bentley Bentayga Feroza Edition Is World’s First Instagram-Primed Vehicle!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

OK. This isn’t exactly* true.

However, for anyone with a photo-app filter compulsion, then they’ll be nodding in approval of what they’re confronted with. Thanks to the all-new Bentley Bentayga Speed Feroza Edition being seemingly photo-filtered to within an inch of its natural.

Very outside the box, mostly.

Not that we’re alluding to the Bentayga being completely box-like. Although detractors would beg to differ.

Turning its aesthetically-pleasing hand to re-interpret luxury vehicles which were already objects of automotive beauty in so-called base form.

And now the famous German tuning house has focused its attention on a premium SUV which can polarise opinion in its original guise. Nevermind in the direct aftermath of being fettled by the ever-imaginative Mansory design department.

The box in question which Mansory has thought both outside - and inside of - at this time of asking is the already larger-than-life Bentley Bentayga. A statement vehicle in its everyday attire before Mansory even began to ‘reimagine’ the Bentayga.


You might best know Mansory from its extensive back catalogue, much of which has been well documented in the media.

Social and traditional.

Think ostentatious Mercedes G-Wagon’s, Lamborghini Urus’s and a steady stream of pink Bentley Continental GTs and equally garish Range-Rover Sport’s. As owned/driven/modelled by Premier League footballers, and you get the general picture.

Mercifully (for our eyes), Mansory’s bespoke Bentayga bodykit is light years away from the RGA examples you used to find in the classified sections of car magazines back in the 1990s.

But in fairness, so is everything Mansory touches.

Which have, since 1989, included a wealth of posh vehicles. We’re talking Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche (from the broad-ranging Volkswagen Audi Group portfolio), along with Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari. As well as numerous Bentley’s which went before the Bentayga.

Why The Bentayga?

Why not.

The Bentayga fulfills all the acknowledged criteria that Mansory typically looks for when running the rule of which vehicle it would like to revisit.

Will its very presence divide opinion/taste?

Will Jack Grealish want to buy it?

Will it stand out in Knutsford, Cheshire?

On an altogether serious note though, we have to admit this Mansory Speed Feroza Edition can’t simply be ignored.

We mean, physically, IT CAN’T.

For a (not so quiet) start its exterior paint job is conservatively described as being ‘bright turquoise’. An ambitious colourway that Mansory decided to replicate inside.

EVERYwhere inside.

With the bright turquoise making itself thoroughly at home across the dashboard, steering wheel, floors, mats, seats, gear lever and seat belts. Just in case Mansory thought it had left a single interior surface area unscathed.

Elsewhere on the outside, the Bentayga boasts a restyled grille and front splitter, together with the introduction of various ‘design accents’ found around the lower intakes.

The expected smattering of carbon puts in a substantial appearance elsewhere, while suitably large rims and a rear spoiler are also additions over the artist formerly known as the Bentayga.

Is The Bentayga Speed Feroza Edition All Show And No Go?

Er, on the contrary.

In fact, we can (almost) forgive Mansory for creating a car colour beyond the realms of reason/human understanding, when we address the more pressing question of the evolution of power.

A staggering 900bhp teased from Bentley’s already-awesome W12, courtesy of new turbochargers, exhaust system and a tweaked ECU, amongst other unseen upgrades over the more ‘vanilla’ flavour Bentayga we instantly recognize.

All this beefing up ensures that the Speed Feroza Edition shifts so quickly the planet is at risk of spinning off its axis. The 62mph sprint is achieved in 3.5 seconds, and at full chat this luxo-SUV can reach speeds of 200mph.

Get In Touch With The Fabulous WCC Bentley Boys

Back in the land of the little less garish, here at WCC Neston we’re no strangers to working on a host of Bentley’s. If you’re a regular follower of our social media channels you’ll know what we mean. From Bentley Continental GTC’s to classic Bentley 8’s, we have routinely serviced much and many Flying B’s.

To book your Bentley in with us for any type of servicing (gearbox, oil, inspection, etc), to arrange diagnostics or an MOT, to book in for warranty work or to have specialist driving aid or security devices retro-fitted, then please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone for a chat with one of our friendly team.

Of whom, less than 5% thought that the Bentley Bentayga Speed Feroza Edition was their kind of car. The author (and potential 5%) remains suspiciously tight-lipped on the subject…..

*in any way, whatsoever

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